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June 9 - June 23, 2020

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Already under pressure from a drop in oil demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian commodities complex is seeing changes in price and fundamentals affecting both short and long term outlooks.

During these volatile times, we remain committed to sharing the insights that inform your decision-making. To accomplish this S&P Global Platts will run a series of weekly webinar sessions, from June 9 to June 23, to keep you up-to-date of the latest developments and resulting impacts to key Canadian energy markets.

Join our specialists as they discuss the state of different commodity markets.

Canada Market Updates Webinar Series Schedule:

This webinar series is now available for on-demand replay.

June 9, 2020, Tuesday
10 AM – 11:15 AM MDT
Impacts of COVID-19 on the Canadian Oil Market
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June 16, 2020, Tuesday
8:30 AM – 10 AM MDT
North American Refined Products/NGL markets in a time of pandemic
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June 23, 2020, Tuesday
10 AM – 11:30 AM MDT
Impacts on Canada’s Natural Gas, LNG Markets Amidst Global Oil
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If you have any specific questions, please contact Andrea Parra.


Canada Market Updates Webinar Series: Impacts of COVID-19 on the Canadian Oil Market

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10:00 AM

Market Overview

Moderator: Esa Ramasamy, Global Director for Market Development

10:05 AM

Canada crude: charting the downturn and recovery in the wake of the global pandemic

  • April 20 negative price event and Canada crude values
  • WCS differentials in a regional and global context
  • Current production levels and how fast of a rebound to expect
  • Impact of current price levels on global trade flows


Matt Eversman, Associate Editorial Director, Oil markets
Patrick Harrington, Editor, Oil markets

10:30 AM

Canadian Production and Trade flow Outlook

  • Production and capex update: What’s shut-in, how quickly can production rebound, and what’s the impact in 2021 onwards for Canadian oil?
  • Trade flows and pricing: How does a lower production outlook impact how barrels will move, and what does that mean for differentials?


Jenna Delaney, Team Lead, North American Oil Analytics
Parker Fawcett, Analyst, North American Supply

11:05 AM


11:15 AM

End of webinar

Canada Market Updates Webinar Series: North American Refined Products/NGL markets in a time of pandemic

View webinar replay on-demand

8:30 AM

Market Overview

Moderator: Richard Capuchino, Senior Analyst, Price
Assessments/Pricing – Americas Oil

8:40 AM

Diesel avoids demand destruction of gasoline, jet

  • Diesel differentials hold steady as jet markets flatline
  • Gasoline prices plunge ahead of poor summer driving prospects

Speaker: Joshua Brown, Distillates Managing Editor, Americas

8:55 AM

North American Refined Product Balances

  • Latest developments in global product demand
  • Is the gasoline supply glut in the USGC getting better?
  • US refined product consumption challenges in the second half of the year

Speaker: Lenny Rodriguez, Team Lead, Arbitrage and Latin American Oil Analytics

9:05 AM

Q&A with Joshua Brown & Lenny Rodriguez

9:20 AM

Americas NGL prices converge in crisis

  • Propane, butane, natural gasoline spreads upended
  • US propane exports reach historic highs

Speaker: Andrea Salazar, Light Ends Managing Editor, Americas

9:35 AM

Canadian NGLs and the coronavirus crisis

  • WCSB production feels the pinch
  • LPG projects face risk and uncertainty
  • Diluent demand dries up

Speaker: Austin Rial, PE, Senior NGL Analyst

9:50 AM

Q&A with Andrea Salazar & Austin Rial

10:00 AM

End of webinar

Canada Market Updates Webinar Series: Impacts on Canada’s Natural Gas, LNG Markets Amidst Global Oil

View webinar replay on-demand

10:00 AM

Market Overview

Moderator: Annette Hugh, Global Director for Market Engagement

10:05 AM

The Future of Index Development in the Canadian Natural Gas Market

  • AB-NIT Deep Dive: Key trends defining Alberta’s natural gas benchmark
  • Enerdata to Platts Transition: Streamlined and comprehensive Canadian market coverage
  • What does this transition mean for workflows and data ingestion?

Speaker: Ryan Ouwerkerk, Manager, Americas Natural Gas Pricing

10:20 AM

North Montney Mainline’s No-Show and Oil’s Collapse Give AECO a Boost This Summer

  • Domestic demand vs exports- Will the Bakken’s decline drain AECO’s supply this summer?
  • Production- How much gas is at risk and whatever happened to NMML?
  • Storage- Impact of NGTL tariff amendment
  • West Coast ST 2 vs AECO plus an outlook of US price hubs across the border

Speakers: Richard Frey, Energy Analyst III
Parker Fawcett
, Analyst, North American Supply

10:55 AM

LNG Prices, the Pandemic and Prospects for Canadian Export Projects

  • The Impact of COIVD19 on global LNG prices
  • Platts LNG price markers and their relevance to Canadian exporters
  • Platts LNG Pricing Methodology

Speaker: Luke Stobbart, Managing Editor, Americas LNG

11:10 AM

Role of Canadian LNG in a post-coronavirus world

    • What is Canada’s LNG role in a lower oil-price, post-coronavirus world?
    • Status and outlook for mid-2020’s LNG project development
    • Will any additional Canadian export projects get off the ground?

    Speaker: Ross Wyeno,Team Lead, North American Natural Gas, Analytics

    11:25 AM


    11:30 AM

    End of webinar