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Updates on biodiesel market dynamics, feedstock supply and price trends

Brazil’s soybean oil market has seen a year of ups and downs, from growing biodiesel demand and limited availability resulting in imports to sudden reductions in blend mandates. The vegetable oil has been hit from both sides with high export volumes of soybeans from Brazil and increasing domestic demand of biodiesel.

Join S&P Global Platts specialists on November 12th for our Latin America Vegetable Oil Webinar to discuss the challenges that the Brazil and Argentina soybean oil markets have faced with a look at the global vegetable oil complex as well as soybeans and biodiesel in South America.

Get updates on current market dynamics, the latest industry pricing and news, and submit questions to our agriculture team as they discuss the topics below:

  • What is the outlook for global vegetable oils and how does soybean oil fit in this picture?
  • How is the 2021 Brazil soybean crop shaping up?
  • What are Brazil and Argentina’s growth expectations for biodiesel?


  • Introduction and Platts Latin America oilseeds prices
  • Brazil’s soybean crop
    • Seeding progress and how is the weather impacting the new crop
    • How do Argentina, Paraguay and US soybeans crops compare
    • Global soybean demand outlook
    • Current pricing trends and forward curve
  • Brazil’s soybean crop
    • Macro trends in vegetable oils
    • Production and export evolution for soybean oil in Brazil and Argentina
    • Developments in domestic consumption for food and biofuels
    • Price trends from 2020 and forward curve
  • Biodiesel
    • Changing how the market works; from auction to spot
    • Short and long term demand picture – how policy plays a part
    • Feedstock supply and green diesel potential