London Energy Forum 2022

S&P Global Platts London Energy Forum is back to kick-off London International Energy Week on February 21, 2022. At a time focused on recovery and a more significant push on climate targets, join us to gain the latest analysis on market trends and the outlook for oil and related products in times of uncertainty. Our respected experts will share their insights, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions and give your views on the challenges the commodity markets face today.

In 2022, the event will be held in a hybrid format. Whichever way you attend, you will gain the latest insights into our benchmark updates, energy market outlooks and a special session on balancing the world of emissions and climate commitments.

Can't travel to the forum?

As well as offering you the opportunity to meet with delegates face-to-face, we will also host the event online. This means that regardless of your travel circumstances, you will be able to stream all the sessions online, chat with other delegates and ask your questions to the speakers via our virtual platform. Even if travel restrictions prohibit you from attending, you can still enjoy the great insights on show.

Your virtual pass will include:

  • • Access to the virtual platform and all live and on-demand session broadcasts on February 21
  • • Convenient access and view the event from anywhere through your mobile, tablet and computer
  • • 1 month post event on-demand access to the virtual platform
  • • Easy to use networking tools to connect with the audience through the virtual environment


    Complimentary Event
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    Physical spaces are limited, however London Energy Forum 2022 is available to full stream online.  
    If you're interested in the forum but not able to attend on February 21, 2022, register in advance to receive full access to the replay and speaker presentations, plus all the bonus content.
    Registration closes on:  
    February 17, 2022
    Duration: 1 Day 


Plenary sessions
  • 08:30 amRegistration and Networking
  • Optional workshop – Carbon Intensity and its Role in Commodity Trading
    Moderated by: Deb Ryan, Head of Low Carbon Market Analytics
    Paula Vanlaningham, Global Head of Carbon
    Arsalan Syed, Americas Editor, Low Carbon Oil
    Varaleka Pant, Low Carbon Markets Analyst
  • 09:30 amWelcome
  • Saugata Saha, President 
  • 09:45 amOutlook for established and emerging price benchmarks
  • Vera Blei, Global Director, Oil & LNG Markets
  • 10:10 amGlobal energy market outlook
  • Dave Ernsberger, Global Head of Pricing & Market Insight
  • 10:50 amNetworking break
  • 11:30 amSpecial session: Balancing the world of energy and carbon though policy and markets
  • • How far are we from seeing the world achieve its net zero promises? Where do we need to see progress- how is that tracking?
    • How are ambitious policies being set – and where is more direction and clarity needed to achieve results?
    • Special focus on the EU Fit for 55 policy, EU Methane Regulations, UK Hydrogen policy
    • How much can we expect from clean technologies? Where can markets and pricing drive outcomes?

    Moderated by: Jonty Rushforth, Head of Markets Group and Energy Transition
    Roman Kramarchuk, Head Future Energy Analytics
    Michael Evans, EU/UK Compliance Analyst
    Alan Hayes, Head of Energy Transition Pricing
  • 12:10 pmNetworking lunch
  • Optional Workshop – Voluntary Carbon Markets
  • Moderated by: Paula Vanlaningham, Global Head of Carbon
    Silvia Favasuli, EMEA Editor, Carbon
    Deb Ryan, Head of Low Carbon Market Analytics
    Michael Evans, EU/UK Compliance Analyst 
Breakout sessions – Understand the current and future outlooks
  • 1:30 pmBreakout 1: Upstream focus: Opportunities and challenges for crude oil markets in a time of transition
    • The way ahead for European & African crude oil supply
    • US crude’s outlook in the global markets
    • The OPEC+ challenge from market volatility and geopolitical interventions
    • Crude oil supply risks in the energy transition
    • Oil benchmarks update
  • Moderator: Joel Hanley, Global Director, Crude & Fuel Oil
    Iain Stevenson, Managing Editor, Crude Oil, EMEA
    Herman Wang, Managing Editor, OPEC/Middle East news
    Nick Coleman, Senior Editor, Oil News
    Emma Kettley, Global Lead, Brent Complex

     Breakout 2: The role of LNG & Gas in a decarbonizing world
    • Unchartered waters: What drove the record run up in gas prices 2021 and what will dictate where we go from here?
    • LNG’s evolution toward commoditization: Standardization around indexation, terminology and the move toward digitization
    • Longer term market evolution: Does potential growth in emerging gas markets, namely China and Brazil, justify new investment in LNG liquefaction infrastructure?
    • Carbon-neutral LNG: Does CNL have a role in a decarbonizing world, and if so, what is holding back further growth in the industry?
  • Moderator: Allen Reed, Managing Editor, Atlantic LNG
    Luke Cottell, Senior Analyst, LNG
    Piers De Wilde, Senior Pricing Specialist, Atlantic Basin LNG
    Veda Chowdhury, Senior Pricing Specialist, Americas Natural Gas
    Zsuzsanna SzaboAssociate Editor, EMEA Natural Gas

  •  Breakout 3: Feedstocks constraints at a time of rising demand for Biofuels
    • New uses for biofuels: SAF, marine fuels, bionaphtha
    • An evolving biofuels market in Europe
    • The hunt for the next generation of feedstocks
    • Changes in biofuels carbon intensity
  • Moderator: Robert Beaman, Associate Pricing Director, EMEA Agriculture
    Monika Rajoria, Biofuels Analyst
    Karim El Afany, Editor, EMEA Ethanol
    George Duke, Editor, EMEA Biodistillates
    Evridiki Dimitriadou, Analyst, Future Energy
  • 2:15pmBreak
  • 2:25 pmBreakout 4: Fundamental shifts in transport fuels in a post-COVID world
    • Is a structural recovery on the horizon? What challenges to conventional jet fuel from sustainability mandates?
    • What way for European arbitrages of gasoline as demand evolves post-COVID?
    • What new shape for trade flows as refinery capacity expands?
    • What challenges to European markets from new refining capacity outside of the continent?
  • Moderator: Francesco Di Salvo, Associate Editorial Director, EMEA Clean Refined Products
    Gary Clark, Managing Editor, EMEA Middle Distillates
    Kieran Hess, Managing Editor, EMEA Light Ends
    Virginie Malicier, Senior Editor, EMEA Middle Distillates

     Breakout 5: Cash and carbon – will shipping market windfalls finance decarbonization?
    • Tanker markets lacking stimulus – what could prompt a recovery?
    • How will the container bonanza affect the future of logistics?
    • What will the global fleet look like in 2030?
  • Moderator: Peter Norfolk, Editorial Director, Global Shipping & Freight
    Sam Eckett, Managing Editor, EMEA Freight Markets
    Ewa Manthey, Associate Editor, EMEA Shipping
    George Griffiths, Editor, Container Freight Markets
    Anastasia Zania, Freight Analyst

     Breakout 6: Hydrogen breakout: Developing a traded hydrogen market
    • How can international traded hydrogen markets function?
    • Dealing with colors, how to price hydrogen from multiple pathways.
    • The importance of understanding and measuring hydrogen’s carbon intensity across production pathways
    • Hydrogen outlook: how are fundamentals shaping up
  • Moderator: Alan Hayes, Head of Energy Transition Pricing
    Patricia Pinter: Associate EMEA Editor, Guarantees of Origin
    Anna Robba, Head of Energy Signposts
    Roman Kramarchuk, Head Future Energy Analytics

  • 3:10pmBreak
  • 3:20 pmBreakout 7: Petrochemicals: Development of sustainable models determines long-term resilience
    • Polymer recycling: Transforming used plastics into valuable feedstocks
    • Methanol bunkering: opportunities and challenges of shipping decarbonization
    • Energy transition moves petrochemicals’ oil demand into focus
    • Container chaos exposes petrochemical supply weaknesses
  • Moderator: Shelley Kerr, Global Head of Petrochemicals & Freight Markets
    Luke Milner, Managing Editor, Olefins and Polymers, EMEA Petrochemicals
    Stergios Zacharakis, Global Market Lead - Methanol Chair
    Ben Brooks, Global Lead, Recycled Plastics
    George Griffiths, Editor, Container Freight Markets
    Ora Lazic, Senior Market Engagement Lead

  •  Breakout 8: Bunkers market moves beyond IMO 2020
    • With IMO 2020 in the rear-view mirror, where to next for the bunkers market?
    • What are the most likely future fuels to be used in the shipping sector?
    • The increasing importance of credit
    • Is there increased consolidation happening in the bunkers market?
    • How shifting high sulfur and marine fuel economics are impacting the scrubber trade
  • Moderator: John Morley, Associate Editorial Director, EMEA Oil
    Tamara Sleiman, Managing Editor, EMEA Fuel Oil
    Stepan Lavrouk, Associate Editor, EMA Fuel Oil
    Anastasia Zania, Freight Analyst

     Breakout 9: Balancing power markets in a Low Carbon World
    • What role will Hydrocarbons have to play to meet demand through 2050?
    • What role does Nuclear power have to play to reach a 2-degree future?
    • Navigating the pathways to Low Carbon Power markets
  • Moderator: Simon Thorne, Global Head - Generating Fuels & Electric Power Analytics
    Bruno Brunetti, Head of Global Power Analytics
    Amy Gasca, Head of Global Power Pricing
    Shantanu Jha, Low Carbon Electricity Analyst, Europe
  • 4:00 pmForum ends
*Agenda subject to change

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Saugata Saha Saugata Saha
President, S&P Global Platts


Deb Ryan - 200x200.jpg Deb Ryan
Head of Low Carbon Market Analytics, S&P Global Platts


Paula_VanLaningham 150x150.png Paula Vanlaningham
Global Head of Carbon, S&P Global Platts


Syed Arsalan.jpg Arsalan Syed
Americas Editor, Low Carbon Oil, S&P Global Platts


Varaleka 200x200.png Varaleka Pant
Low Carbon Markets Analyst, S&P Global Platts


Vera Blei Vera Blei
Global Director, Oil and LNG Markets, S&P Global Platts


Dave Ernsberger.png Dave Ernsberger
Global Head of Pricing & Market Insight, S&P Global Platts


Jonty Rushforth.jpg Jonty Rushforth
Senior Director, Price Group, S&P Global Platts


Headshot_Kramarchuk_Roman_150x150.jpg Roman Kramarchuk
Head of Future Energy Analytics, S&P Global Platts

Alan Hayes (resized).jpg Alan Hayes
Head of Energy Transition Pricing, S&P Global Platts

Headshot_Favasuli_Silvia_150x150.jpg Silvia Favasuli
EMEA Editor, Carbon S&P Global Platts


Michael Evans 200x200.jpg Michael Evans
EU/UK Compliance Analyst, S&P Global Platts


Joel Hanley 150.jpg Joel Hanley
Global Director, Crude & Fuel Oil, S&P Global Platts


IainStephen.jpg Iain Stevenson
Managing Editor, Crude Oil, S&P Global Platts

headshot_Herman Wang_img.PNG Herman Wang
Managing Editor, OPEC/Middle East News, S&P Global Platts


Nick Coleman 200x200.jpg Nick Coleman
Senior Editor, Oil News, S&P Global Platts


ESD-Emma-Kettley.png Emma Kettley
Global Lead, Brent Complex, S&P Global Platts


Allen Reed.jpg Allen Reed
Managing Editor, Atlantic LNG, S&P Global Platts


Luke_Cottell2.png Luke Cottell
Senior Analyst, LNG, S&P Global Platts


Piers de Wilde 150.jpg Piers De Wilde
Senior Pricing Specialist, Atlantic Basin LNG, S&P Global Platts


Veda Chowdhury B&W.jpg Veda Chowdhury
Senior Pricing Specialist, Americas Natural Gas, S&P Global Platts


Headshot Silhouette - Woman_150x150.jpg Zsuzsanna Szabo
Associate Editor, EMEA Natural Gas, S&P Global Platts


Robert_Beaman_100.jpg Robert Beaman
Associate Pricing Director, EMEA Agriculture, S&P Global Platts

Monika Rajoria.jpg Monika Rajoria
Biofuels Analyst, S&P Global Platts


Headshot Silhouette - Man_150x150.jpg Karim Elafany
Editor, EMEA Ethanol, S&P Global Platts


George_Duke_100.jpg George Duke
Editor, EMEA Biodistillates, S&P Global Platts


Evridiki Dimitriadou
Associate Editor, Light Ends, S&P Global Platts

Francesco_Di_Salvo_100.jpg Francesco Di Salvo
Associate Editorial Director, European & African Clean Products, S&P Global Platts

Gary_Clark100x100.jpg Gary Clark
Managing Editor, Middle Distillates, S&P Global Platts

Kieran Hess - headshot.jpg Kieran Hess
Managing Editor, EMEA Light Ends, S&P Global Platts


Virginie_Malicier_100x100.png Virginie Malicier
Senior Editor, EMEA Middle Distillates, S&P Global Platts


Peter Norfolk.jpg Peter Norfolk
Editorial Director, Global Shipping & Freight, S&P Global Platts

Sam Eckett 150.jpg Sam Eckett
Managing Editor, EMEA Freight Markets, S&P Global Platts

Manthey Ewa - 200 x 200.jpg Ewa Manthey
Associate Editor, EMEA Shipping, S&P Global Platts


George Griffiths 350.jpg George Griffiths
Editor, Container Freight Markets, S&P Global Platts


Anastasia Zania_Photo - 200x200.jpg Anastasia Zania
Freight Analyst, S&P Global Platts


Patricia's picture - 100.jpg Patricia Pinter
Associate EMEA Editor, Guarantees of Origin, S&P Global Platts


Anne Robba.jpg Anna Robba
Head of Energy Signposts, S&P Global Platts


{f2fd4d5d-ced8-418a-8606-c45aa15a1b20}_Headshot_Shelley-Kerr70X90.jpg Shelley Kerr
Global Head of Petrochemicals & Freight Markets, S&P Global Platts


Luke 100x99.png Luke Milner
Managing Editor, Olefins and Polymers, EMEA Petrochemicals, S&P Global Platts


Stergios Zacharakis.jpg Stergios Zacharakis
Global Market Lead - Methanol Chain, S&P Global Platts


Ben brooks 100x100.jpg Ben Brooks
Global Lead, Recycled Plastics, S&P Global Platts


Ora 100x100.jpg Ora Lazic
Senior Market Engagement Lead, S&P Global Platts


Speaker-John-Morley.jpg John Morley
Associate Editorial Director, European & African Crude & Fuel Oil, S&P Global Platts

Tamara Sleiman.jpg Tamara Sleiman
Managing Editor, EMEA Fuel Oil, S&P Global Platts


Stepan Lavrouk.jpg Stepan Lavrouk
Associate Editor, EMA Fuel Oil, S&P Global Platts

Simon Thorne-resized.png Simon Thorne
Global Head - Generating Fuels & Electric Power Analytics, S&P Global Platts


Headshot_Brunetti_Bruno_150x150.jpg Bruno Brunetti
Head of Global Power Analytics, S&P Global Platts
amy Gasca - new.jpg Amy Gasca
Head of Global Power Pricing, S&P Global Platts


 Shantanu Jha - JPEG.jpgShantanu Jha
Low Carbon Electricity Analyst, Europe, S&P Global Platts




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