Keeping pace with the Sugar and Biofuels industry with insights from Platts and F.O. Licht

 We are delighted to be returning to Geneva once again in 2023 with both the Geneva Sugar and Biofuels Conference. This four day in-person only conference brings together leading Sugar and Biofuels growers and producers, traders and, buyers for up-to-the-minute insights on the industry delivered through innovative and interactive event formats along with unrivalled networking opportunities. All this and more as the 2023 event will also offer the chance to join special sessions, workshops and training on Bio-Feedstocks: Trading and Risk Management; Agri Feedstocks: Trading and Risk Management and Grains, Rice and Oilseeds.

Key topics for the Sugar market:

- Review Energy usage in the Sugar market and the fertilizer crisis alongside the price of Sugar, food inflation and global outlook
- Understand the global consumption picture and European Sugar growers response to high input and output prices
- Explore evolving trade flows in Sugar globally and the impact of high import requirements in Europe
- Balancing the Sugar sustainability agenda with food security as regenerative Agriculture and Carbon capture progresses globally
- Spotlight key Sugar regions: Asia, Brazil and MENA


Key topics for the Biofuels market:

- Review Biofuels market drivers and outlook on availability of Biofuels for the mass market and the capacity for Biofuels trade
- Understand Global and domestic regulations impacting the Biofuels market: Fit for 55, RED III, FuelEU Maritime, ReFuelEU Aviation, EU ETS, Energy Taxation Directive
- Examine feedstock availability and traceability and Identifying abundant and sustainable raw materials for Biofuel deployment in SAF, maritime and road
- Explore Technology developments for circular economy and adapting the industry for renewable energy sources


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- VIP moments include the: brunch briefing with speakers (to be the first to have 1-1s with the experts); off-site excursion for an unrivalled networking session, wellness breakfast with other VIPs, Global Sugar Exchange to see first-hand today’s solutions in the Sugar industry

* If you prefer to attend part of the week, you may select your preferred Conference (Geneva Sugar or Biofuels Conference), training course (Bio-feedstock or Agri-Feedstocks) or, workshop.



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Who attends?

- Regional and international Sugar and Biofuels producers
- Senior Sugar and Biofuels traders
- Refinery managers
- Sugar and Biofuels buyers
- Leading consultants and advisors
- Financiers, banks and analysts
- Global press and industry association

Monday April 17 - Day 1: Sugar Conference | Grains, Rice and, Oilseed Workshop
      • Geneva Sugar Conference
                • 10:00 am VIP Brunch Briefing
                • 11:00 am Registration
                • 12:00 pmWelcome remarksPatricia Luis-Manso, Head of Agriculture & Metal Analytics & Trading Solutions, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                • Sugar market fundamentals
                          • 12:10 pm Keynote: Global Sugar outlook
                            • Production outlook: View on Sugar supply, trends, fundamentals, and the next years
                            Luciana Silveira Soncin, Head of Agriculture & Metal Analytics & Trading Solutions, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                          • 12:35 pmFertilizer challenges and the impact on the Sugar market
                          • • Uncovering the root cause of the Fertilizer crises
                            • Review the cost of Fertilizer alongside Sugar
                            • Visibility on metrics over the next year
                            Alan Pickett, Head of Analysis, Fertilizers, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                          • 1:00 pmLatest freight market developments for Sugar
                          • • Examining freight rate levels: A return to 2020 levels?
                            • How freight levels are impacting trading behavior
                            • Outlook for 2023: Examining potential scenarios
                            Nikolaos Aidinis Antonopoulos, Associate Editor, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                          • 1:25 pmPanel discussion: Leading Sugar traders discuss key global headlines
                          • • Key trends, headlines and macroeconomics impacting Sugar
                            • White Sugar demand impacting Raw Sugar
                            • Examining the few countries with a surplus of Sugar
                            Philip Ryan, Head of White Sugar Trading, Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners
                            Kona Hoque, Head of Group Research, EDF & Man
                            Karim Salamon, Head of Analysis, Wilmar Sugar S.A. Geneva
                          • 2:05 pm Networking break
                          • European Sugar market and risk
                                    • 2:35 pm Spotlight on the white Sugar market
                                      • What to expect for the white premium?
                                      • The link with refinery economics
                                      Jean-Vincent Henry Francois Piot, Head of Sugar International Development, Raizen
                                    • 3:00 pmPanel discussion: European Sugar trade
                                    • • How trade flows have evolved over the last year in Europe
                                      • Prospects about CIS market and trade with EU
                                      Sasa Stefanovic, Director – Sugar, Studen Middle East
                                      Cyril Moine, European Trade Department, Sucden
                                    • 3:40 pm Work through Roundtable: Food price inflation and preventing Sugar shortages: Macroeconomics in focus
                                    • 4:20 pm Fireside chat: Hedging strategies in volatile markets: How to cope with volatile €/$ and Sugar futures?
                                    • 4:50 pm End of Day One Closing Remarks
                                    • 5:00 pm Welcome Drinks Reception
          • Grains, Rice and Oilseeds Workshop
                    • 9:00 am Workshop Opening Remarks
                    • 9:10 am Impact of the Ukraine War on Grains Effect on buyers such as Africa Middle East and Asia
                    • 10:00 am Palm Oil imports into Europe
                      • Restrictions due to Biofuels
                      • Production in Indonesia, India and Malaysia
                    • 10:50 am Networking Break
                    • 11:20 am Review the tightness of supply of Soyabeans
                      • Soyabean imports from Brazil to China
                      • Impact of Lulu in Brazil and what this means for Agriculture?
                    • 12:10 pm Lunch
                    • 1:20 pm Global Snapshot: Pricing and outlook for Grains and Oilseeds
                      • Links to ethanol
                      • Production in Indonesia, India and Malaysia
                    • 2:10 pm Trade policy: Sustainability criteria to support Grains, Oilseeds and Rice
                    • 3:00 pm Networking Break
                    • 3:30 pm Global trade risks: Logistics, infrastructure, disruption
                    • 4:15 pm Future outlook – Where are prices going?
                    • 5:00 pm End of Conference

          Tuesday April 18 - Day 2: Sugar Conference | Bio-Feedstocks Training Course | Agri-Feedstocks Training Course
            • Geneva Sugar Conference
                • 9:00 am Day Two Welcome Remarks
                    • The Sugar grower and producer’s perspective
                        • 9:10 am Keynote interview: Grower’s and producer’s response to high input and output prices: European Sugar production and grower decisions based on cashflow and riskElisabeth Lacoste, Director, C.I.B.E. International Confederation of Beet Growers
                        • 9:40 am Sugar market in Poland
                          • Production, import, export, consumption
                          • Subsidies for beet growers in Poland
                          • Tackling current sugar challenges in Poland such as decreasing number of beet growers
                          • Searching for new sources of energy - Biogas
                          • Cost pressure for producers in the current climate
                          • Review of the sugar tax implemented in Poland two years ago
                          Michal Gawryszczak, Director, Association of Sugar Producers in Poland
                        • Changing consumer patterns in Sugar
                          • 10:00 amPanel discussion: Global consumption picture in a challenging macro environment
                          • • Navigating a challenging environment from Sugar buyers’ perspective
                            • How fundamentals and speculation of price is impacting consumer patterns
                            • The struggle to find volume: What can be done?
                            Enrico Scimone, Head of Group Sugar & Sweeteners Procurement, Ferrero Trading Lux
                            Yuriy Sharanov, Senior Sourcing Manager Sugar Global, Mars Wrigley
                            Hubertus Gay, Senior Agricultural Policy Analyst, OECD

                          • 10:40 am Networking Break
                          • The sustainability agenda in Sugar
                            • 11:10 am Regenerative agriculture
                            • 11:30 am Carbon capture potential in the Sugar industry
                            • 11:50 am Panel discussion: Sustainability across the whole supply chain from farmer to consumer
                              • Balancing sustainability with food security: Food versus Biofuels
                              Daniel Kerkhof, President, ASSUC
                            • 12:30 pm Lunch
                          • Special Session: Macroeconomics in focus
                              • 1:40 pm External markets influencing Sugar
                                • Prospects for Oil and Energy (globally and EU), fertilizers, macroeconomics (inflation)
                                • Impact of the price of Energy (Oil and Gas) on Sugar production
                                Stephen Geldart, Associate Director, Head of Analysis, Czarnikow
                            • Asia Sugar Market
                              • 2:05 pm Special session: Key country overview: Future of Sugar and Rice in India
                              • 2:30 pm Panel discussion: Asia in Focus: Thailand, India, and China Sugar market
                                • Uncertainty of Indian exports policy, or export bans and restrictions across many countries
                                • Ethanol production in India linked to government policy
                                Kiran Wadhwana, Director, Comdex India
                                Richa Jain, ETG World

                              • 3:10 pm Networking Break
                            • Brazilian Sugar Market
                                • 3:40 pm Panel discussion: Brazil in Focus: The new Brazilian crop, energy environment in the context of Lula and fuel price policy
                                  • Cane Ethanol and Sugar parities in Brazil
                                  • Competition with grains for export logistics impact on sugar exports
                              • MENA and the rest of the Sugar Market
                                  • 4:20 pm Panel discussion: MENA in focus
                                  • 5:00 pm Closing Remarks
                                  • 5:10 pm End of Geneva Sugar Conference
                                  • 6:00 pm VIP Excursion
              • Bio-Feedstocks: Fueling the Path to Net-Zero Training Course
                • 9:00 am Session 1: Biofuels Fundamentals
                  • Introduction, Historical Development and Value Chain
                  • Why is policy so important? - Near Term Legislation, Quotas and Mandates
                • 10:00 am Session 2: Biofuel Demand and Outlook
                  • Biofuel Demand Drivers
                • 11:00 am Session 3: Agricultural Crops
                  • Background on Agricultural Feedstocks for 1st Generation Technologies (Grains, Natural Oils, Sugars, etc.)
                  • Crop Technology to Serve Biofuel Production
                • 12:00 pm Lunch
                • 1:00 pm Session 4: Fundamental Biotechnologies
                  • 1st Generation Bioethanol Technologies (from Grains, Sugarcane and Others)
                  • Background on Alternative Feedstocks
                  • 1st Generation Technologies, from Natural Oils
                  • Background on Alternative Feedstocks for Advanced Biofuel Technologies (Farmed Wood, UCO, Energy Crops, etc)
                • 2:00 pm Session 5: Advanced Biofuels Technologies
                  • Advanced Bioethanol Technologies from Biomass
                  • Advanced Biodiesel/Jet Fuel Technologies, ex Natural Oils and Biomass
                  • Background on Alternative Feedstocks for Advanced Biofuel Technologies (Farmed Wood, UCO, Energy Crops, etc.)
                • 3:00 pm Session 6: Market Dynamics Revisited
                  • Biofuel Supply, Valuation and Pricing
                • 4:00 pm Session 7: Decarbonization
                  • Refiner decarbonization with biofuels integration
                  • Refinery and Petrochemical decarbonization biofuel/bio-based Chemicals Integration
                • 5:00 pm End of Training
              • Agri-Feedstocks: Trading & Risk Management
                • 8:30 am Program Overview and Orientation
                • 9:00 am Fundamental Supply & Demand &, Price Analysis
                • 10:00 am Crop Weather & Production & Government Policy
                • 11:00 am Risk Management Concepts
                • 12:00 pm Lunch
                • 1:00 pm Future Markets & Price Discovery
                • 2:30 pm Evolution of Agri Markets and Cash Settlement
                • 4:00 pm Commodity Insights Platforms
                • 5:00 pm End of Training Course
            Wednesday April 19 - Day 3: Biofuel Conference (day 1 of 2)
              • Biofuels Conference
                        • 8:30 am Registration
                        • 9:00 am Geneva Biofuels Welcome RemarksDr. Christoph Berg, Executive Director Agribusiness, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                        • Biofuels today, tomorrow and, the years to come
                                  • 9:10 am Keynote: Macroeconomics in focus: Crude oil market and political landscape
                                  • 9:35 am Biofuel markets drivers and outlook on availability of advanced biofuels for the mass market
                                  • 10:00 am GHG calculations (from the initial point to the last users): Pricing of Biofuels depending on the Carbon savings
                                  • Global and domestic regulation impacting Biofuels
                                            • 10:25 am Interview: RED III updates and the impact on Biofuels
                                              • Eligibility of feedstocks in Annex 9
                                            • 10:55 am Networking Break
                                            • 11:25 am In-depth view of US Ethanol and EV policy
                                            • 11:55 am Panel discussion: Policy influence on Biofuels pricing: Mandates and political support to secure investors for Biofuels
                                              Kestutis Starkus, Senior Legal Advisor for Regulatory Management, ORLEN Lietuva
                                              Angel Alberdi, Secretary General, EWABA
                                            • 12:35 pm Lunch
                                            • Global Feedstocks
                                                      • 1:45 pm Feedstock availability, traceability and end use for
                                                        • 1st Generation Feedstocks
                                                        • 2nd Generation Feedstocks
                                                        • 3rd Generation Feedstocks
                                                        Andrea Martelli, Global Head of Biofeedstocks, Biofuels Trading, Supply & Sustainability, ENI Trade & Biofuels S.p.A
                                                        Claus Keller, Senior Commodity Analyst, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                                                      • 3:15 pm Demystifying myths on the food, fuel, and food debate: Data and facts surrounding crop-based biofuels and its true scope for competition with food?
                                                      • 3:40 pm Networking Break
                      • Biofuels in Maritime
                                • 4:10 pm Roundtable discussion: Exploring Biofuels in shipping (UCO, FAME, UCOME, HVO, Ammonia and Methanol)
                              • SAF Developments
                                      • 4:50 pm Case Study: Ethanol to Jet: The role of Ethanol in SAF production
                                      • 5:15 pm Panel Discussion: SAF and offtake agreements and legislationMatthew Whitton, Senior Director, Supply Operations Aviation Europe, World Fuel Services
                                      • 5:55 pm Closing Remarks
                                      • 6:00 pm Biofuels Cocktail Reception

                      Thursday April 20 - Day 4: Biofuels Conference (day 2 of 2)
                          • Biofuels Conference
                                    • 8:30 am Registration
                                    • 0:00 pm Geneva Biofuels Day Two Remarks
                                    • Future of Biofuels
                                              • 9:10 am Keynote: Industrialization of advanced Biofuels from the perspective of an Energy major
                                              • 9:35 am Interview: Shaping a sustainable future with Biofuels
                                                • Key strategies to identify abundant and sustainable raw materials for the biofuel deployment
                                                • Technology development for circular economy and adapting the industry for renewable energy sources
                                                Anselm Eisentraut, Head of Market Intelligence and Pricing, Neste
                                              • 10:00 am The role of Biofuels in the offgrid sector SHV Energy
                                              • 10:25 am Risks to Biofuels: Impact of EVs on Biofuels
                                                • Adoption rate of EVs and impact on the Biofuels industry: is this a threat?
                                                • Impacts of internal combustion engines: What does that mean for liquid Biofuels and EVs
                                              • 10:55 am Networking Break
                                              • Biofuels trade
                                                        • 11:20 am Panel discussion: Review Biofuels available outside EU and the capacity for these to be exported into the EU
                                                          • Distribution efforts required to bring carburants to the markets
                                                          • Discuss the logistics/supply chain part of raw materials
                              • Decarbonization of Road
                                        • 12:00 pm Cars (Ethanol 1st/2nd G, FAME, UCOME, HVO?): RFNBOs and their impact to the Biofuel industry
                                        • 12:25 pm Panel discussion: Trucks (H2, biodiesel, HVO)
                                        • 1:05 pm Closing Remarks

                              Agenda subject to change.

                              Key numbers


                              Producers / Refiners






                              Bank / Investment


                              Service Providers


                              Speakers to be announced soon



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