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After the upheaval of 2022, there are potential signs of a loosening market in early 2023. How well markets stabilize this year, and at what price levels, will have lasting impacts on the eventual course of liquefaction investment and on global demand levels well into the future. In this paper, we present 10 questions on issues to look out for this year whose answers will have wide impacts on the LNG market and global gas more broadly.

1. How many US LNG export projects will convert recent contract progress into final investment decisions?
2. How much Russian pipeline supply will reach Europe in 2023?
3. What role will LNG play in European gas markets in 2023?
4. Will mainland China return to demand growth as COVID-19 restrictions ease, and how will it meet its supply needs?
5. Will price-driven demand destruction in smaller and emerging LNG markets be reversed?
6. Will emerging signs of illiquidity in the European market push trade away from hub linkage?
7. Where do LNG tanker charter rates go after a historically volatile 2022?
8. Will new liquefaction technologies set to enter operation in 2023 change the model for new projects?
9. What are the prospects for liquefaction projects facing geopolitical challenges in Russia and Mozambique?
10. Will interest in carbon capture and offsets return to the LNG market?

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