Navigate uncertainty for European gas markets

The European gas markets are faced with tough months ahead. Many European nations that are reliant on Russian gas supplies will be looking to ensure they have enough gas in storage for the winter ahead in the event of supply disruption. How have supply and demand dynamics shifted, and what does the future bring for the industry?

Join us for the 16th Annual S&P Global Commodity Insights European Gas and LNG Conference, where we’ll be bringing together the region’s leading gas and LNG producers, suppliers, TSOs, regulators, traders, banks and analysts to explore the challenges, opportunities, and policy developments affecting the gas and LNG markets into 2023 and beyond.

You will gain expert insights on the changing supply dynamics for gas and LNG as Europe attempts to diversify its gas supplies, an update on the global pricing crisis, and understand whether the past 12 months have disrupted ambitious decarbonization plans across the market.

Key focus areas

• Supply and demand fundamentals for European gas markets
• How is Europe’s efforts to reduce its reliance on Russian gas supplies is developing so far
• How much LNG can Europe procure and from where?
• How has the regulatory narrative shifted in light of recent challenges?
• How has the global energy crisis impacted the energy transition



Tuesday, 25th October 2022
  • 08.00 AM Networking 
  • 09.00 AM Chair's welcoming remarks
    Stuart Elliott, Senior Writer, European Gas and LNG, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Setting the scene: Energy market fundamentals
  • 09.10 AMKeynote: Global Macroeconomic outlook: uncertain times for commodities markets
    • What are the key factors impacting energy and commodities markets today?
    • How has the geopolitical landscape shifted?
    • Supply chain challenges across commodities markets
    • The energy transition: climate s ecurity vs energy security
  • 09.40 AM Keynote: Global gas supply & demand dynamics
    • How has global supply landscape impacted Europe supply?
         • Are we seeing production increases to keep up with demand and where?
         • Do we see a shortfall in gas supply for Europe as we move away from Russian gas imports?
    • Policies promoting the transition to Green Hydrogen
    • An update on key suppliers to Europe: Norway, Algeria, Qatar
    • What are the key trends affecting European gas demand today?
         • Has the pricing crisis impacted consumer habits?
         • Energy efficiency measures across Europe on gas demand: arewe seeing an impact?
  • • Weather conditions in Europe: impact on demand?
  • Michael Stoppard, Global Gas Strategy Lead and Special Advisor, S&P Global Commodity Insights
European gas market dynamics
  • 10.10 AM Panel Discussion: The European gas market after a year of turbulence
    • The year in review: how has the market changed?
         • How has the supply & demand landscape changed?
    • How is the European gas industry adapting to shifting supply dynamics? 
    • Geopolitical factors impacting the market
         • Russia/Ukraine and energy security
         • Building market resilience for the future

    Frank van Doorn, VP, Head of Trading, Vattenfall
    Lukas Schmidt, Manager Group Strategy, E.ON
    Agnes Horvath, Chief Economist, MOL
    Moderator: Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 11.00 AM Networking and refreshment break
  • 11.30 AM Security of supply: how will Europe reduce its reliance on Russian gas?
    • 2022 in review: how has the European gas industry been looking to diversify its supply sources?
         • Tapping into new and existing gas fields: North Sea, Groningen
         • New pipeline supply options
         • REPowerEU initiative
         • Other alternatives
    • Has Europe procured enough gas for the winter ahead in case of supply disruption?
    • The "phase out" of all Russian fossil fuels by 2027: how realistic is this?

    Jonathan Stern, Distinguished Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
    Michael Stoppard, Global Gas Strategy Lead and Special Advisor, S&P Global Commodity Insights 
  • 12:00 PM European gas and LNG pricing developments
    • What are the key price drivers for European gas in 2022?
    • What measures are we seeing being implemented across Europe to keep prices under control?
         • Are we seeing an impact so far?
         • Tapping into new and existing gas fields: What other measures are being considered?
    • Outlook for the winter ahead

    James Huckstepp, Manager, EMEA Gas Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights 
  • 12:30 PM Networking Lunch
A spotlight on LNG markets
  • 2:00 PM Panel Discussion: LNG market outlook: how much LNG can Europe procure?
    • Supply & demand forecast of LNG globally
         • Developing markets
    • LNG imports to foot Europe’s energy shortfall
         • Key countries: Qatar, Egypt, West Africa, US
         • Are the European Commission’s projections of boosting LNG imports to 50bcm realistic?
         • What are the implications for key LNG exporters and other importers?
    • Challenges with LNG infrastructure in Europe

    Pablo Galante Escobar,Global Head of LNG and EMEA Gas & Power, Vitol
    Elio Ruggerit, SVP, Global LNG, Snam
    Moderator: James Taverner, Research and Analysis Director, Gas Power & Climate Solutions, S&P Global Commodity Insights  
  • 2.45 PM US LNG: expanding export capacity and future outlook
    • How has the supply & demand balance for US LNG shifted over the past 12 months?
    • Evolving trade patterns: shipping & storage capacity globally
    • Update on recent US LNG projects and future expansion plans

    Andrew Walker, VP Strategy, Cheniere Marketing  
  • 3:15 PM Asian LNG markets: trends and competition from Europe
    • Global trade flows, key bottlenecks and spread developments
    • Asian appetite for carbon neutral LNG
    • Asia and Europe competing for LNG cargoes
  • 3:45 PM Networking and refreshment break
Storage & Infrastructure focus
  • 4.15 PM Panel Discussion: European storage developments: do we have the facilities in place?
    • The current storage situation in Europe
         • Russian gas facilities in Europe: what happens next?
         • Does Europe have enough storage capacity in place for the winter ahead?
    • How much more storage is needed in the long term?
    • Storage of Hydrogen: can existing facilities be reconverted?

    Catherine Gras, CEO, Storengy UK & Germany
    Michael Kohl, Managing Director, RWE Gas Storage West 
  • 5:00 PM Panel Discussion: Connecting Europe: infrastructure & investment in gas and LNG
    •  An update on key European pipeline suppliers
    • Is there enough infrastructure in place to meet demand projections?
    • How will new projects needed in light of Europe’s attempts to divest from Russian energy be financed as the energy transition gathers pace?
    Germany’s new LNG terminal projects

    Gary Mazzotti, CEO, EP Infrastructure
    Christian Synetos, Director, BlackRock
    Nathan Piper,Head of Oil & Gas Research, Investec
    Moderator: Laurent Ruseckas, Executive Director, Gas Industry, EMEA, S&P Global Commodity Insights 
  • 5:40 PM Chair's Day One Closing Remarks and Drinks Reception
Wednesday, 26th October 2022
  • 08:00 AM Networking
  • 09:00 AM Chairman’s welcoming remarks and day 1 recap
    Stuart Elliott, Senior Writer, European Gas and LNG, S&P Global Commodity Insights  
  • 09:10 AM Keynote: How has gas’s role in the energy transition changed over the past year?
Regulatory roundup
  • 09:40 AM Keynote:The mission to diversify: a view from the European Commission
    • Recent regulatory and policy developments impacting the European gas industry
         • Proposals for joint gas buying
         • Consumer protection
    • Europe’s energy independence: what are the implications for the energy transition?
         • The European Green Deal
         • Fitfor55
  • 10:10 AM Policy & regulatory developments affecting Gas and LNG in Europe
    • The tables have turned: how has the regulatory landscape in Europe changed?
    • Is further intervention from the European Commission needed to tame energy markets?
    • How does the sector see regulatory incentives and proposals impacting the gas and LNG industry?
    • The taxonomy discussion: how has the gas crisis in Europe impacted plans?

    Francisco de la Flor Garcia, Director International Policy and Organisations, Enagás
    James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas
    Dr. Niko Bosnjak, Head of Policy and Communications, Open Grid Europe
    Moderator: Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights  
  • 10:50 AM Networking and refreshment break
European gas and the energy transition
  • 11:20 AM Panel discussion: sustainable Europe: gas’ place in the future energy mix
    • Russia/Ukraine: has the energy transition been put on hold amidst spiraling energy prices?
         • Is gas still considered the ‘transition fuel’?
    • Voluntary carbon markets and the industry
    • COP27: key initial takeaways

    Moderator: Michael Stoppard, Senior Writer, European Gas and LNG, S&P Global Commodity Insights  
  • 12:00 PM CCS in Europe
  • 12:20 PM Panel discussion: Fuels of the future: Hydrogen and biomethane
    • How is Europe looking at new low carbon gases?
    • EU policy developments
         • REPowerEU strategy

    Marianna Frison-Roche, Gas Asset Regulation and Market Design, ENGIE
    Qasam Sultan, Commodities Analysis Manager, National Grid
    Moderator: Shankari Srinivasan, Vice President, Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights  
  • 1.00 PM Closing Remarks from Chair
    Stuart Elliott, Senior Writer, European Gas and LNG, S&P Global Commodity Insights  
  • 1.10 PM End of Conference

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