Hydrogen and its critical role in the decarbonization of Europe

Hydrogen has one of the most exciting potentials of the Energy Transition fuels. It can be implemented in a variety of facets, such as power generation or transportation, and has the ability to tap into the existing infrastructure. This versatility makes hydrogen an attractive and potentially disruptive fuel for the future.

A second annual event for the hydrogen community.

S&P Global Platts are delighted to announce this, our second annual conference on hydrogen as part of Europe’s move towards decarbonization. Gain unique insight into near-term growth potential, industry supply chain, infrastructure build-out, and hydrogen markets expansion.

Attendees will include hydrogen producers, midstream natural gas companies, infrastructure investors, developers, electric power companies, regulators, and policy-makers, among many others.

Last year’s virtual conference drew an impressive group of attendees from across Europe. This year's content focus has been extended so the event will now go across a day and a half of sessions, to offer a wider content focus, more opportunity to hear from thought leaders and of course more networking.


Day 1 – Thursday , November 25 - 26, 2021
  • 8 am Networking
  • 9 am Chairman’s welcoming remarks
    Alan Hayes, Global Head of Energy Transition,
    S&P Global Platts
  • 9:20 am Leader Interview: How do we get to a net zero carbon world?
    — Hydrogen’s potential and key role in the energy transition
    — How soon and how big can the Hydrogen market become?
    — Key industries that will stimulate hydrogen demand
  • 9:50 am The role of policy in developing a Hydrogen market
    — Understanding the current policy support throughout Europe
    —  Mapping out Hydrogen’s role in European Energy Transition
  • 10:20 am Leader’s Panel & audience poll: Europe coming together – what are the key challenges ahead?
    — Are the current plans, strategies, and roadmaps on hydrogen adequate to achieve the climate goals?
    — What are the key milestones for 2022?
    — How fast could the Hydrogen Markets grow, can it follow an LNG market development trajectory?
    — How does Europe compare to the rest of the world?
    — How do we compare on a global scale, are we at the forefront, or playing catch up?

    Michèle Azalbert, CEO, Hydrogen Business Unit,
    Adamo Screnci, Deputy Managing Director,
    Grete Tveit, Senior Vice President, Low Carbon Solution,
  • 11 amNetworking and refreshment break
  • 11:20 am The potential for blue hydrogen and what it means for the natural gas market?
    — What can we learn about the future of blue hydrogen from our experiences today?
    — Where will the demand be for Blue Hydrogen?
    — What does Blue Hydrogen mean for the Natural gas market?
    Axel Wietfeld, CEO,
    Uniper Hydrogen
  • 11:45 am To what extent will hydrogen be a direct substitute for natural gas
    — Where is Hydrogen the best option to replace natural gas?
    — Does Hydrogen have a future in home heating?
    — What does this mean for decarbonization targets?
    Martin Lambert, Senior Research Fellow,
    Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • 12:10 pm Leader’s Panel & Audience poll: The future for the gas grid – its next steps with Hydrogen?
    — How easily can existing European gas infrastructure be modified to transport hydrogen at an affordable cost?
    — Outlook for the possible regulation of hydrogen cross boarder trades
    — How long will it take to establish a Hydrogen network - What are the key milestones

    Antony Green, Hydrogen Director, Gas Transmission,
    National Grid
    Csilla Bartok, Team Leader – Gas Markets and Energy Retail Infrastructure, Gas & Retail,
    Sabine Augustin, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy,
    Open Grid Europe
    Eddie Lycklama a Nijeholt, Project Director,
    • 12:50 pmNetworking Lunch
  • 2 pm Scaling up Green Hydrogen production
    — Realistic timeframe for producing Hydrogen from Renewable energies
    — How can Green Hydrogen be made cost effective
    — How to make Green Hydrogen a globally traded commodity
    Joshua Carmichael, Vice President, Hydrogen,
    • 2:25 pm Making an Electrolyser economically viable
      — The EU has big targets for installed electrolysers by 2030 – are technological advances keeping pace to make that a reality?
      — How will they develop by the end of the decade?
      Graham Cooley, CEO,
      ITM Power
      • 2:50 pm Leader’s Panel Establishing a future for Green Hydrogen
        — Europe has long been a major energy importer, however, to reduce the dependency, Europe will need to significantly scale up its production capabilities – how do we get to that point?
        — What are the challenges for Green H2 to becoming the dominant pathway
        — How will green hydrogen grow up into a global market
        — International perspective – are there lessons to learn from other regions?

        Paola Brunetto, Business Development, Head of Hydrogen Business Unit,
        Maria Fennis, CEO,
        HyET Hydrogen
        Ana Quelhas, Managing Director - Hydrogen,
        • 3:30 pm Leader’s Panel: Encouraging a future hydrogen economy through investment
          — What is driving investment currently?
          — Will ESG help drive more investment into hydrogen?
          — What business models will enable a long-term focus on energy transition?
          — Shifting from short term to long term investment models

          Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw, Senior Sustainability Strategist, Executive Director,
          Sébastien Soleille, Global Head of Energy Transition and Environment,
          BNP Paribas
          Wafaa Ermilate, Head of Energy and Infrastructure – Iberia,
          ING Wholesale Banking
          Lisa McDermott, Executive Director, Project Finance,
          ABN AMRO Bank
        • 4:10 pm Networking and optional roundtables
          • 4:10 pm Optional Roundtable: Establishing a Hydrogen Economy
            — The capital needed to make Hydrogen succeed
            — What is required from lenders and how can they ensure project bankability?
            — How can we overcome the challenges for scalability in each sector?
            — What is the difference in economics between the case of hydrogen deployment and existing fuel use in each sector?
Day 2 – Friday, November 26, 2021
  • 8:45 am Networking & exhibition
  • 9:15 am Future Hydrogen supply/demand scenarios
    — Forecast into the medium-term trends that are shaping the market?
    — Unravelling supply forecasts – what can we expect?
    — What will drive worldwide demand growth for hydrogen
    Jose M Bermudez, Energy Analyst. Hydrogen and alternative fuels,
    International Energy Agency
  • 9:40 am Hydrogen trade outlook: An overview of necessities, challenges and opportunities
    — Where will the Hydrogen hotspots be across the globe?
    — Opportunities for Europe from Hydrogen exports
    — What challenges are faced in the transportation of Hydrogen?
    Seyed Mohsen Razavi, Energy Technology Analyst, Energy Economics and Forecasting Department,
    Gas Exporting Countries Forum Secretariat
  • 10:05 am How is Hydrogen priced?
    — How is a benchmark established?
    — Unravelling supply forecasts – what can we expect?
    — Why do we need to benchmark currently?
    Jeff McDonald, Hydrogen Pricing and Content Specialist,
    S&P Global Platts
  • 10:30 amNetworking and refreshment break
  • 10:50 am Hydrogen in the refining sector
    — How will demand for hydrogen evolve to keep up with changing legislation
    — Just how much can hydrogen reduce carbon emissions?
    Daniel Carter, Global Director, Decarbonisation and New Energies,
  • 11:15 am Presentation led Panel: How transport will spark demand for Hydrogen
    — Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Opportunities for Growth in Europe
    — How will infrastructure grow to support Hydrogen transport’s growth?
    — Hydrogen and the opportunity to revolutionize the Heavy-Duty Transport sector
    Reine Alemar, Director, Transport Development,
    Volvo Trucks
    Mirela Atanasiu, Head of Unit Operations and Communications,
    FCH JU
    • 11:55 am Leader’s Panel Hydrogen in the metals sector
      — Long known as a heavy polluter, how could hydrogen decarbonize steel and metals production?
      — Steel markets and regulatory factors, technology developments impacting hydrogen
      — Hydrogen costs for steel and metals - Energy infrastructure, expectations for future advances
      — Potential for hydrogen and gas recycling, alternatives - Cutting CO2 by optimizing steel, raw materials, and metals processes

      Joachim von Schéele, Director Global Commercialization,
      Simon Downes, Steel Decarbonisation,
      Rio Tinto
      Moderated by: Hector Forster, Metals Pricing, Analysis,
      S&P Global Platts
    • 12:35 pm Concluding thoughts – what should we take away?


michele_azalbert100x100.jpg Michèle Azalbert
CEO, Hydrogen Business Unit, ENGIE


Martin_Lambert_100.jpg Martin Lambert
Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


Jeff McDonald 70x90.png Jeff McDonald
Hydrogen Pricing and Content Specialist, S&P Global Platts

Patrick_Huber_100.jpg Patrick Huber
Chairman, H2 Energy Holding

Joachim von Scheele.jpg Joachim von Schéele
Director Global Commercialization, Linde

Hector Forster photo.jpg Hector Forster
Metals Pricing, Analysis, S&P Global Platts

Ana Quelhas.jpg Ana Quelhas
Managing Director - Hydrogen,  EDPR

Dr Graham Cooley.jpg Graham Cooley
CEO, ITM Power

Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw.jpg Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw
Senior Sustainability Strategist, Executive Director,  Rabobank

Jose_M_Bermudez.jpg Jose M Bermudez
Energy Analyst. Hydrogen and alternative fuels, International Energy Agency

Sabine Augustin.jpg Sabine Augustin
Head of Corporate Development & Strategy, Open Grid Europe

Simon Downes.JPG Simon Downes
Steel Decarbonisation, Rio Tinto


Wietfeld-23_new-face.jpg Axel Wietfeld
CEO,  Uniper Hydrogen


Grete Tveit - Equinor new.jpg Grete Tveit
Senior Vice President, Low Carbon Solution,  Equinor





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