Creating building blocks for Hydrogen to take off as its own market

In a rush to replace Europe’s dependence on Russian Oil and Gas, the drive for Hydrogen has never been stronger. This year’s event looks to answer two big questions: can Hydrogen ensure Europe’s energy independence and if it can, how can we grow demand for Hydrogen enabling global scale up? With the price of electrolyzers and renewable energy increasing, now is the time to scale up on Hydrogen volume to lower the costs. Join this year’s Hydrogen Market’s Europe Conference to find out how we can get there.

S&P Global Commodity Insights are delighted to announce our Hydrogen Markets Europe Conference, 2022, as part of the global move to launch a Hydrogen economy. This event is part of a global series organized by S&P Global Commodity Insights with parallel events in the US and Asia and attendees will include hydrogen producers, midstream natural gas companies, infrastructure investors, developers, electric power companies, regulators, and policy-makers, among many others.

Why attend?

• Understand the Hydrogen story so far in Europe
• Showcasing real-world Hydrogen projects
• Establishing Hydrogen as a globally traded commodity
• Building demand and financing Hydrogen
• Getting Hydrogen to centers of demand
• Connecting Hydrogen and Renewables
• Effective Hydrogen storage and distribution
• Examining the Hydrogen economy in market segments



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    Duration: 2 days

    Who attends?

    • Hydrogen producers
     Midstream natural gas companies
     Infrastructure investors
     Electric power companies
     And more...
    Training course announced:

    Refineries of the Future

    September 19, 2022
    Novotel Amsterdam City, Netherlands

    Gain a fundamental understanding of how the energy transition will impact refining – and the role petrochemicals must play.


Tuesday, 20th September 2022
  • 08.00 AM Networking 
  • 09.00 AM Chair's welcoming remarks
Opening keynotes: Hydrogen’s story so far in Europe
  • 09.10 AM Reviewing Hydrogen markets: Where have we arrived?
    • Examining the Hydrogen market over the past two years
    • Exploring evolving perceptions and expectations of Hydrogen
    • Comparing prices of Hydrogen with natural gas through the years
    Daryl Wilson, Executive Director, Hydrogen Council
  • 09.35 AM Understand what the war in Ukraine means for Hydrogen
    • Impact of the war in Ukraine on Hydrogen development
    • Acceleration of Hydrogen as a strong energy security for energy independence and decarbonization
    • What is the potential for Hydrogen and what gaps can it fill?
    • Can Hydrogen replace Russian Oil and Gas?
    Lydia Rainforth, Managing Director, Equity Analyst, Barclays
  • 10.00 AM Outlook for Hydrogen and key drivers for growth
    • Understanding the role of Hydrogen in energy transition
    • Policies promoting the transition to Green Hydrogen
    • What market segments would have Hydrogen demand in 2030?
    • Where will the Hydrogen hotspots be across the globe?
    • How much Hydrogen will be needed in mobility, heating, steel etc
    Alun Davies, Senior Director, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 10.25 AM Networking and refreshment break
Establishing Hydrogen as a globally traded commodity
  • 10.55 AM Pricing the value of Hydrogen as a commodity
    • S&P Global Commodity Insights Carbon-neutral price assessment
    • Reflecting the value of the Hydrogen molecule irrespective of its production pathway
    • Accounting for cost of production assessments for various Hydrogen production pathways
    Alan Hayes, Managing Editor, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 11:20 AM How to make Hydrogen a globally traded commodity
    • Reducing energy insecurity and dependency on fossil fuels
    • What are the challenges for Green H2 to becoming the dominant pathway
    • How will green Hydrogen grow up into a global market
    Steinar Eikaas, Vice President, Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
  • 11:45 PM Carbon intensity: Key enabler in the Hydrogen market
    • Measuring carbon intensity of hydrogen
    • Impact of geographical location and technology on carbon intensity
    • Capture the value of low carbon hydrogen vs traditional produced hydrogen
    • How will a globally traded market develop?
    Brian Murphy, Senior Analyst, Hydrogen and Low Carbon Fuels, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 12:05 PM Networking Lunch
  • 1:15 PM European Green deal
    • How the European Climate lar translates commitments to the Paris agreement
Leaders discuss building demand and Financing Hydrogen
  • 1:35 PM Leader’s Panel: Examining EU regulatory initiatives propelling a Hydrogen economy
    • Understanding the current policy support throughout Europe
    • Assess whether EU Hydrogen policy is sufficiently driving growth in Hydrogen
    • What is the policy the market needs to incentivise Hydrogen demand?
    • Updated Hydrogen taxonomy in Europe: Consider the purpose and what it means
    Melanie Bruneau, Partner, K&L Gates
    Ana Quelhas, Managing Director, Hydrogen, EDP Renewables
    Oliver Weinmann, Managing Director, Vattenfall
    Simon Wood,Senior Director Global Hydrogen and Renewable Gases Consulting, S&P Global Commodity Insights
    Panel Moderator: Coralie Laurencin, Senior Director, Gas, Power and Energy Futures, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 2.15 PM Leader’s Panel Driving worldwide demand for growth of Hydrogen
    • Forecast into the medium-term trends that are shaping the market
    • Understanding the near-term Hydrogen supply and demand scenarios
    • Unravelling Hydrogen supply forecasts – what can we expect?
    Tomas Malango, Hydrogen Director, Repsol
    Diogo Almeida, Hydrogen Unit, Head of Business Development, Galp
    Paola Brunetto, Head of Hydrogen Business Unit, Enel
  • 2:55 PM Leader’s Panel Encouraging a future Hydrogen economy through investment
    • How to make H2 projects economically viable
    • Where is the capital coming from?
    • How can sponsors help the banks provide finance to hydrogen projects?
    Bert van der Toorn, Senior Investment Officer, European Investment Bank
    Amy Wong, Managing Director, Head EMEA Energy Research, Credit Suisse
    Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw, Senior Energy Transition Specialist Executive Director, Rabobank
    Lisa McDermott, Executive Director Renewable Project Financing EMEA, Abn Amro
  • 3:35 PM Networking and refreshment break
Showcasing real-world Hydrogen projects: Production and development
  • 4.05 PM Scaling up on Green Hydrogen Production
    • Understanding opportunities for developers and utilities when producing Hydrogen
    • Producing cost-effective Hydrogen at a time of high renewable energy prices and expensive electolyzers
    • Timelines and supply chain management: How to fast-track a large-scale project
    • Scaling up volume of Hydrogen to bring down costs: A virtuous cycle between scale and costs
  • 4:30 PM Installing 6GW of Green Hydrogen electrolyzer capacity
    •  Global electrolyzer capacity targets: Is the target too ambitious?
    • Ensuring electrolyzer installation keeps pace with Green Hydrogen demand
    • Achieving more efficient and cost-effective electrolyzers
  • 4:55 PM Fireside chat: Reviewing Hydrogen production and development in emerging markets
    • Exploring how the Hydrogen markets are developing in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia
    • What this means for Europe?
    Liana Jervalidze, Advisor to the President of Georgia on Energy and Transit Issues in the Caspian and Black Sea Region, Administration of the President of Georgia
    Gulmira Rzayeva, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • 5:20 PM End of Day One Closing Remarks
  • 5:30 PM Drinks Reception
Wednesday, 21st September 2022
  • 08:00 AM Networking
  • 09:00 AM Chairman’s welcoming remarks
Opening Keynote: Connecting Hydrogen and Renewables
  • 09:10 AM Connecting Hydrogen and renewables
    • Linking renewable and Hydrogen production
    • Sharing of risk between Hydrogen and renewables
    • What does this mean for pricing
    • Understanding the purpose for Green Hydrogen and what this means for costs
    Roland Roesch, Deputy Director Innovation and Technology, IRENA
  • 09:35 AM The potential role of Ammonia in a Hydrogen economy
    • Key issues, advantages, disadvantages of Ammonia as an energy carrier
    • Viability of Ammonia as an on-board Hydrogen carrier for fuel cell vehicles
    • What role will Ammonia play in the transition to a Hydrogen economy?
  • 10:00 AM Renewable Hydrogen Certification: Comparing Europe and the ROW
    • Summary of Delegated Act implementing Article 27(3) of the Renewable Energy Directive and legislative status
    • Government approaches outside the EU
    • Brief overview of private certification schemes and areas of overlap
    Tariq A. Fedda, Partner, K&L Gates
Effective Hydrogen Storage, infrastructure and distribution
  • 10:25 AM Networking and refreshment break
  • 10:55 AM Optimizing energy storage with Hydrogen
    • Progress made in storing hydrogen in various forms
    • Tanks and temperature assessments
    • Solutions to prevent energy loss when converting renewable energy into hydrogen
  • 11:20 AM The Hydrogen Backbone: An infrastructure to get Hydrogen to the markets
    • Connecting Hydrogen production to areas of demand
    • Evaluate existing and new transmission infrastructure
    • Expansion of Hydrogen hubs, ports, and demand centers
    E.E. Lycklama a Nijeholt, Project Director, Gasunie
  • 11.45 AM The bigger picture: Launching a global import and export market for Hydrogen
    • Establishing import-export partnerships for hydrogen around the world since
    • How ports and the value-chain are preparing for expansion
    • Understanding the role of ports in achieving an import and export market
    • Incentivize a Hydrogen value chain: What can we learn from the UK market on this?
Getting Hydrogen to centers of demand
  • 12:10 PM Hydrogen hubs: Evolution of Hydrogen networks
    • Connecting supply chain across Northwest Europe
    • Hubs to connect supply with infrastructure
    • Bringing low carbon Hydrogen to existing market
  • 12:35 PM Networking lunch
Breakout Session: A Look at the Growing Hydrogen Economy in Market Segments
  • 1:45 PM Breakout 1: Hydrogen in transportation (road, shipping and, aviation) and for industry decarbonization
    • Understand the role transport industry will play in the Hydrogen economy
    • Examine the potential for Hydrogen in heavy transportation and mobility
    • Early movers in applying hydrogen to maritime application
    • Benefits of Hydrogen over Sustainable Aviation Fuel
    • Considering industrial decarbonization via Hydrogen for:
         • Oil refining
         • Chemical sector
         • Iron and steel production
         • High-temperature heat
    Alberto Litta Modignani, Vice President, Hydrogen, NextChem
    Ferry M. M Franz, Director Hydrogen Affairs Europe, Toyota Motor Europe
    Cagatay Olkun, Strategy and Sustainability Director, Tupras
    Erwin Penfornis, Group VP H2 Energy World Business Line, Air Liquide
    Margaux Moore, Head of Trafigura’s Energy Transition Research Group, Trafigura

    Breakout 2: Hydrogen’s role in integrating Renewables into the Power market
    • Flexibility offered by Hydrogen as a new component of the energy sector
    • How Hydrogen complements electric power grid and natural gas grid
    • Power generation and electricity storage
    • Importance of large-scale Hydrogen adoption in helping to integrate renewables into the power system
    Qasam Sultan, Commodities Analysis Manager, National Grid
    Bruno Brunetti, Head of Low Carbon Electricity Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 2.45 PM Closing Remarks from Chair
  • 3.00 PM End of Conference

Key numbers


Energy Producers




Finance / Investment


Oil / Gas Companies


Solution Providers / Consultancies


SpeakerDaryl Wilson,
Executive Director, Hydrogen Council

As an experienced international business leader, Daryl Wilson joined the Hydrogen Council in October 2020 as the coalition’s new – and historically first – Executive Director. Collaborating closely with the Hydrogen Council’s Board and Co-Chairs, Daryl supports the organisation in building the industry marketplace and leading the work on global advocacy, representing the Hydrogen Council amongst international organisations, national and regional hydrogen associations, as well as in relevant investment-focused fora.

Daryl has an impressive track record of building successful organisations and operating at the intersection of environmental and sustainability issues across sectors. He was most recently the global CEO of Hydrogenics, a fuel cell and electrolysis technologies provider with manufacturing sites in Germany, Belgium and Canada, and service centers in Asia, Europe and North America. Daryl has an MBA degree in Operations Management/Management Science (McMaster University) and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (University of Toronto). He is currently based in Ontario, Canada.

SpeakerErwin Penfornis,
Group VP H2 Energy World Business Line, Air Liquide

Erwin Penfornis joined Air Liquide in 2000.

He started in R&D in the field of clean energy developments.

He worked from 2005 to 2010 on the structuring of Air Liquide H2 Energy activities in Europe and the development of early markets.

Between 2010 and 2015, he has been Business Development Director in the Large Industry business, in particular for the supply of hydrogen to Energy and Petrochemical markets (Korea, Middle East).

He returned in the field of Hydrogen Energy since 2015, first in charge of Marketing & Strategy for Air Liquide Group.

Over this period, he has led the creation and development of the Hydrogen Council in 2017, with a few other industry leaders, as well as several structuring consortiums in Europe, California, Korea and Japan.

He then took the responsibility of COO of the Air Liquide H2 Energy World Business Unit.

He is now VP H2 Energy, based in Tokyo, overseeing the development of Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy activities for the Asia-Pacific region.

SpeakerMargaux Moore,
Head of Trafigura’s Energy Transition Research Group, Trafigura


SpeakerKarsten Uhd Plauborg,
Partner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners


SpeakerAlun Davies,
Senior Director, S&P Global Commodity Insights

Mr. Davies leads the gas content of the European GPE retainer service, a role that covers market fundamentals, quantitative modeling, and research. He also plays a significant role in the development of the long term energy balance outlooks for Europe. His expertise includes price forecasting, market strategy, fundamentals analysis, and European gas market design and operation. Mr. Davies has authored or co-authored research reports on a variety of topics within the European Energy and Global gas space. These cover a variety of topics including European gas pricing and risk management, gas supply and infrastructure, and gas demand in the context of fuel switching in the power sector.

Prior to joining IHS Markit, Mr. Davies worked for six years at a major UK gas and power utility in a variety of roles, including long-term strategy, power modeling, trading, and trade strategy. He also has R&D experience working for a major global pharmaceutical company. Mr. Davies holds a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

SpeakerAna Quelhas,
Managing Director, Hydrogen, EDP Renewables

Ana Quelhas was recently appointed the Managing Director for Hydrogen at EDP, leading the company strategy the renewable hydrogen business. Prior to that, Ana was the Head of Energy Planning at EDP, being responsible for supporting the Executive Board of Directors in the decision making processes, contributing with a long term perspective of the energy sector and an integrated vision of the company across businesses (renewables, conventional electricity generation, retail and distribution) and geographies (mainly Europe, US and Brazil).

Before joining EDP, Ana worked in the Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission, in Brussels, supporting the development of the strategic research agenda in the field of energy. Prior to that, she was at the California Independent System Operator providing strategic energy consultancy to the wholesale power market and grid operator in the State of California.

Ana holds a PhD with distinction in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University. She also holds a master’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Engineering from the same university, being graduated from the University of Porto with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

SpeakerTomas Malango,
Hydrogen Director, Repsol

Tomas Malango is a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with postgraduate education in Advanced Management from IE Business School and Management of Research, Development and Technology Transfer from IESE Business School. Tomas Malango joined Repsol in 2001 at the Puertollano Refinery, where he was operation head in different areas before joining the Repsol Technology Center team as Senior Refining Technologist in 2008. Since then, Tomas Malango has managed different technology development projects for Refining and Mobility businesses at Repsol Technology Lab. Since 2021 is Hydrogen Director, responsible of the development of the hydrogen value chain for Repsol.

SpeakerCoralie Laurencin,
Senior Director, Gas, Power and Energy Futures, S&P Global Commodity Insights

Ms. Laurencin specializes in regulation and strategy in European power markets and renewable energy investments. Her work centers on how policy is shaping the energy transition. In particular, she focuses on the European carbon price, the emissions trading scheme (ETS), renewable support frameworks and PPAs, and developing capacity markets.

Before joining IHS Markit, Ms. Laurencin developed onshore wind and biomass projects in the United Kingdom with EFRG. Prior to that, she led the regulatory analysis efforts of boutique investment bank Climate Change Capital, focusing on the ETS in London, and was a part of EDF's commodity market analysis team in Paris. She holds a Master in Management from HEC Paris, France.

Ms. Laurencin speaks French and English.

Headshot Silhouette - Woman_150x150.jpgGulmira Rzayeva,
Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


SpeakerLydia Rainforth,
Managing Director, Equity Analyst, Barclays

Lydia Rainforth is a Managing Director in our Equity Research team with close to two decades experience in the energy sector. Lydia started at Barclays in 2009 where she joined the nascent European equity research team. Prior to this she started her career covering Russian oil and gas companies at Lehman Brothers. The Global Energy team aims to provide industry-leading and thought-provoking research across the sector, from the early stages of exploration through to the end retail business. Lydia and team have a special interest in the development of renewable energy and the growing role of environmental, social and governance factors in investing. Ms Rainforth holds a first-class honours degree from the University of Cambridge.

SpeakerOliver Weinmann,
Managing Director, Vattenfall

Oliver Weinmann is Managing Director of Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH. The subsidiary of Vattenfall GmbH focuses on business development, mainly related to renewable energies. He studied Process Engineering at the RWTH Aachen, followed by a PhD on Solar Thermal Power Plants at DLR in Cologne. In 1992 he started his career at HEW in Hamburg and changed to Vattenfall in 2003 as Head of Innovation Management. In parallel, between 2004 and 2007, he was Managing Director of Vattenfall Renewables GmbH. In 2010 he was appointed as Managing Director of Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH.

SpeakerRoland Roesch,
Deputy Director Innovation and Technology, IRENA

Dr. Roland Roesch is Deputy Director at the Innovation and Technology Center of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). He currently leads IRENA´s work on RE Innovation, Grids-Assessments and the Strategies Teams for Power Sector Transformation and for the Gas Sector Transformation. During his first years of assignment he was the lead to set-up the IRENA Project Navigator platform to support member countries with developing renewable energy projects. He actively leads the development of IRENA´s work in the fields of ocean energy, blue economy and decarbonizing the shipping sector.

Roland became in October 2010 a Professor for Energy Economics at the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt he worked for 15 years in the Oil&Gas and Utilities Industry for Shell and E.ON in his last position as General Manager Power at Shell and for E.ON as Head of Division, Project Leader, Project Executive and Technical Project Developer. Before he joined E.ON he worked as Energy Market Consultant for Lahmeyer International and as researcher for renewable energies. Roland has solid business experience in energy markets, energy economics and energy strategies, renewable integration management, energy project development and project financing.

SpeakerSteinar Eikaas,
Vice President, Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor


SpeakerAlberto Litta Modignani,
Vice President, Hydrogen, NextChem

Nuclear engineer by education, Alberto is a senior executive, with 25 years of international experience in the energy sector.

Passionate about the challenges of the energy transformation, Alberto has spent 4 years as Head of Technology and Design at Engie’s BU Hydrogen in Paris. Since July 2021 he has been appointed VP Hydrogen at NextChem, Maire Tecnimont’s company for Green Chemistry and Energy Transition.

SpeakerDiogo Almeida,
Hydrogen Unit, Head of Business Development, Galp


SpeakerBert van der Toorn,
Senior Investment Officer, European Investment Bank

Bert has joined the Climate and Infrastructure Division of EIB in 2021 to support innovative energy transition scale ups with quasi equity investments. He is a Structured Finance and Energy Sector expert having dealt with this at Shell, EBRD, ABNAMRO and ING. His special interest lies with sustainable hydrogen, for which he was responsible as global lead during his time at ING.

SpeakerAmy Wong,
Managing Director, Head EMEA Energy Research, Credit Suisse


Headshot Silhouette - Woman_150x150.jpgLisa McDermott,
Executive Director Renewable Project Financing EMEA, Abn Amro


SpeakerFerry M. M Franz,
Director Hydrogen Affairs Europe, Toyota Motor Europe


SpeakerPaola Brunetto,
Head of Hydrogen Business Unit, Enel


SpeakerBruno Brunetti,
Head of Low Carbon Electricity Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights


SpeakerÇağatay Ölken,
Strategy and Sustainability Director, Tupras

After receiving BsC in Mathematics and BA in Finance, Çağatay spent 15+ years in various positions in leading international banks / PE-Pension funds responsible from project financing, investment banking, and strategic planning, most recently as Strategy and Sustainability Director at Tupras. He is responsible from long term strategic transition and business development in new investment areas including but not limited to green hydrogen and biofuels. Sustainability and carbon neutrality remains the key areas of focus during this transition period.

Sponsored by:

K&L Gates


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