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Trends to watch in 2021

How long will the 2020 bust and boom cycles extend into 2021 for the tanker and container freight markets? Yet bunker prices have shown some pandemic resilience, while Panama consolidates as a Latin American bunkering hub.

Join S&P Global Platts specialists on February 2, 2021 for our Latin America Shipping and Bunker Webinar to discuss pandemic and post-pandemic shifts in the 2020-2021 shipping markets. Get updates on current market dynamics, the latest industry pricing and news, and submit questions to our shipping and bunker teams as they cover the topics below:

  • Latin America Bunker Markets Resilience in a Tumultuous Year of Challenges
    • Panama consolidates as a bunker hub in Latin America
    • Brazil: A success story of export-oriented production
    • Spreads between VLSFO, MGO and high-sulfur IFO 380 shrink
  • Pandemic Latin America Tanker Market Trends 2020-2021
    • Evolution of counter-seasonal pandemic freight trends
    • Post-pandemic tonnage supply and ton-mile demand
    • Brazil: An emerging clean and dirty tanker market focus
  • Box Boom: Impacts from a Volatile Year in Container Freight
    • Highlights from a record year in container rates and volumes
    • Latin America in focus: Regional impacts from global trends
    • Solving the dilemma of bunker charge opacity



Greg Holt
Associate Editor - Americas Container Shipping Markets,
S&P Global Platts
Silvia Struthers
Associate Editor,
S&P Global Platts

Barbara Troner
Managing Editor - Americas Shipping Markets,
S&P Global Platts
Bruno Martins
Market Engagement Manager – Brazil,
S&P Global Platts