In an evolving world, it’s not always easy to spot the opportunities. So it helps to have a partner who’s spent 110 years honing their market-leading methodologies. Below you will find resources to learn about Platts AGS. That way, you can choose the way forward with conviction.

Petroleum Review: Methodology Explained

"How to upgrade a broken US oil benchmark"

Insights Magazine: "Simplifying the complex"

Market stress in the spring of 2020 demonstrated the need for a new price reference reflecting the value of high-quality Permian supply at the nexus of the domestic and global market.

Follow the footsteps of other waterborne benchmark ecosystems – Dated Brent and Platts Dubai – Platts AGS

You can register for our forums and conferenced which provide insights from our pricing, news and analytics team. Find out more about our upcoming events below:

Price Assessment
Methodology Explained

- Reoccurring sessions

West Texas To Western Europe: Americas Dated Brent And WTI Workshop

- January 20, 2021

Americas Petroleum and Energy Virtual Conference

- January 26-28, 2021

Access previous webinars and podcasts to learn more about Platts AGS. Gain insight as our editorial team explains the principles and parameters behind the new crude benchmark. Hear market dynamics and industry pricing updates. If you haven’t taken part in an S&P Global Platts webinar before, they’re a great way to stay up to date with key market issues.

Crude Oil Market Dynamics Webinar: State of the North American Markets

- 17 Sep, 2020

Platts AGS: The New Us Brent and Its Impacts on Global Trade

- 27 Aug, 2020

Hedging an Evolution: financial markets, crude benchmarks, and forward curves

- 27 Aug, 2020

The Essential Podcast: The Collapse of Cushing — April 20th and the U.S. Oil

- 23 Jul, 2020

Insight Conversation with Harold Hamm, Executive Chairman of Continental Resources

- 22 Jul, 2020

Platts AGS Takes its Cues from Dated Brent

- 21 Jul, 2020

WTI @ Houston CMA: Time For A New Crude Benchmark

- 19 May, 2020

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