Webinar: Recycled Plastics: Meeting demand amid upcoming US and European legislation

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May 7, 2020
2 pm – 3 pm

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S&P Global Platts

S&P Global Platts Webinar: Recycled Plastics: Meeting demand amid upcoming US and European legislation

As Europe and the US prepare for upcoming legislation enforcing minimum recycled plastic contents and minimum recycling rates, join Platts experts as they discuss the current market situation and how well prepared the markets are to meet these tough targets.

Short term supply has taken a significant knock from the outbreak of coronavirus. Despite the waste and recycling industry's essential public health role, several areas across the US have suspended curbside and drop-off recycling programs, creating a new wave of complications for the recycled plastics industry.

Supply is already the main challenge for companies looking to increase their use of recycled plastic and demand is only set to grow. As early as last year, the supply/demand imbalance caused R-PET flake prices in Europe to price at a premium to virgin resin for the first time and this is now also seen in the recycled HDPE market. There simply is not enough supply to meet current demand, and the market wonders how there will be enough supply to meet the further demand in 2025.

Platts experts will take a close look at the unique challenges facing supply in the US and Europe and what initiatives are in place to help bolster it. How effective are deposit return schemes? Will converters look to redesign more efficient packaging and how effective will this be? What role can plastic play in the circular and sustainable economy, when many are turning to other packaging materials?



Benjamin Brooks

Global Lead, Recycled Plastics
S&P Global Platts


Luke Milner

Managing Editor, Olefins & Polymers, EMEA Petrochemicals
S&P Global Platts

Rob-Stier-1 79.jpg

Rob Stier

Senior Lead for Platts Analytics, Global Petrochemicals
S&P Global Platts


Sarah Schneider

Associate Editor, Americas Petrochemicals
S&P Global Platts


The session will cover:
  • How has the spread of coronavirus impacted waste collection and recycling centers, tightening already tight R-PET supply in the US?
  • Current pricing dynamics in the virgin and recycled markets - are poor economics putting the brakes on progress?
  • Will supply be sufficient to meet upcoming demand from 2025?
  • The role of plastic in the packaging world - how to design it and collect it and how does it fare against other packaging materials?
  • Q&A





Ben Brooks, Global Lead, Recycled Plastics

Ben joined Platts in March 2018, rotating through the Gas and Power, Shipping and Petrochemicals teams. During his time in the petrochemicals team, Ben has covered the European xylenes markets as well as the virgin and recycled PET markets. Ben’s current role is to lead Platts’ content and price reporting coverage of recycled plastics globally.


Luke Milner, Managing Editor, Olefins & Polymers, EMEA Petrochemicals

Luke Milner joined Platts in October 2017 and is currently managing editor of the European olefins and polymers team. Luke has five years’ experience reporting on petrochemical markets in Europe and, prior to moving into the petrochemical markets, spent several years reporting on a diverse range of industries, including banking, shipping and retail. Luke studied Modern European Languages at the University of Durham and has spent time working in Italy, France and Brazil, as well as in the UK.


Sarah Schneider, Associate Editor, Americas Petrochemicals

Sarah Schneider joined S&P Global Platts in 2019 and works as an editor on the Americas petrochemicals pricing team. In her time at Platts, she has completed rotations on the natural gas and oil teams, focusing on NGLs in her latter role. Sarah holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Pittsburgh and plans to pursue a master’s degree in supply chain management in the coming year.

Rob Stier

Rob Stier, Senior Lead for Platts Analytics, Global Petrochemicals

Rob Stier is the Senior Lead for Platts Analytics Global Petrochemicals which covers olefins, aromatics and polymers. Rob joined the Platts Analytics team two year ago and has over 30 years of hydrocarbon experience at OxyChem, Koch Supply & Trading, Cargill, Glencore and a Commodity Pool Boutique Trading shop based in Puerto Rico.