With the ripple effect of COVID-19, the global shipping industry has been kept busy navigating these choppy waters. To help market professionals stay abreast of the recent developments, S& Global Platts and BIMCO shipping teams lined up a webinar series in September and October 2021.

Join us as we cover the red-hot container market, marine fuel of the future, and recent changes in the US tanker market.


September 14, 2021
9.30 am – 10.30 am BST

S&P Global Platts & BIMCO Webinar: A year of extremes in container shipping: When will this perfect storm end?

    • — Peak-season all year round – what are the alternatives for the shipper?
    • — Highest container shipping market ever, for how long?
    • — How did we end up here, and how do we get away from it?
    • — When will global supply chains break down?
    • — What could the future of liner shipping look like?
    • — Fireside Chat with Industry Player: Kai Miller, Kuehne + Nagel
September 16, 2021
11am – 12pm BST

S&P Global Platts Webinar: Pricing the Fuel of the Future

    • — How can the shipping industry reliably price lower-carbon alternative marine fuels, ahead of the IMO 2030 and 2050 climate regulations?
    • — How to choose? The costs and benefits of the current frontrunners for the fuel of the future
    • • Ammonia
    • • Methanol
    • • Biofuels
    • • Hydrogen
    • — Shipping and the Energy Transition: What will the fleet look like in 2050 and beyond
October 14, 2021
9am – 10 am CT

S&P Global Platts & BIMCO Webinar: Game changers in Atlantic Basin tanker seascape: When can we expect solid Atlantic basin tanker demand to return?

  • — What will shape post-pandemic Atlantic basin products tanker freight dynamics?
  • — Are Brazil and West Africa the only drivers in Atlantic Basin trade flow changes?
  • — Will the Americas retain the pre-pandemic front-haul loading dynamic for crude tankers?


Peter Norfolk
Global Director, Freight
S&P Global Platts
Bao Ying Ng
Managing Editor, Freight Markets
S&P Global Platts
Peter Sand
Chief Shipping Analyst
Barbara Troner
Senior Managing Editor, Americas Freight Markets
S&P Global Platts
Sam Eckett
Managing Editor, EMEA Freight Market
S&P Global Platts
Chris To
Associate Editor
Clean Tankers
Stergios_crpd.jpg Stergios Zacharakis
Global Market Lead, Methanol Chain, Petrochemicals
S&P Global Platts
George Griffiths 350.jpg George Griffith
Container Freight Market, Shipping
S&P Global Platts
{47929b6f-726c-4558-894b-250f76d61a7d}_Andrew-Scorer-lg.jpg Andrew Scorer
Freight Analytics Lead, Shipping
S&P Global Platts
Tamara Sleiman.jpg Tamara Sleiman
Managing Editor, EMEA Residual Fuel Oil
S&P Global Platts
Professional photo Goerge Duke.jpg George Duke
Oilseeds Price Specialist
S&P Global Platts
Piers de Wilde 150.jpg Piers de Wilde
Associate Editor, LNG
S&P Global Platts
Piers de Wilde 150.jpg Kai Miller
Trade Management Energy & Emissions Kuehne + Nagel
S&P Global Platts