Virtual Petrochemicals Seminar

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October 5, 2020
11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CET

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S&P Global Platts

How are the petrochemical markets coping with the turmoil in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, OPEC oversupply, the crude oil price war and subsequent collapse alongside continued structural shifts as the industry responds to climate initiatives?

Join our editors and analysts for an informative virtual seminar during EPCA as they connect the dots between downstream petrochemical products and their feedstocks and take a comprehensive view of emerging trends in geopolitics, macroeconomics and global markets.

The International Maritime Organization’s response to climate change in the shape of tighter sulfur emissions limits came into force at the start of 2020 with implications for the energy complex and petrochemicals, driving a move to lighter cracking and a rethinking of the feedstock slate.

Early trade routes for the new supply from North America following the region’s repositioning as a major exporter of polymers were disrupted by tariffs and protectionism before the US-China trade deal signalled renewed arbitrage opportunities and China’s increasing self-sufficiency. Where will new supply find a home in this increasingly challenging and uncertain operating environment?

Burgeoning environmental consciousness in relation to climate change and plastics use continues apace with Europe leading legislative efforts and 2025 commitments refocusing company strategy.

Brand-owners, governments and petrochemical producers are at the forefront of a global sea change, setting targets and taking voluntary measures to increase plastics recycling, including banning single-use plastics and overhauling packaging design.


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Shelley Kerr

Global Head of Petrochemicals Markets
S&P Global Platts

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Anna Crowley

Editorial Director, EMEA Petrochemicals
S&P Global Platts

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Philip Reeder

Managing Editor, Aromatics
S&P Global Platts

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Benjamin Brooks

Global Lead, Recycled Plastics
S&P Global Platts

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Michael Mccafferty

Lead Analyst, Petrochemicals
S&P Global Platts


Kristen Hays

Global Lead, Polymers
S&P Global Platts


Market Insight: Making Sense of a Volatile Landscape – Chemicals, Coronavirus and Oversupply

Olefins: The interaction between feedstock volatility, refinery output and on-purpose technology driving supply

  • COVID-19 and its impact on refinery operations, feedstocks pricing and cracker operations
  • Review of the upstream supply picture amid lower crude prices
  • Overview of upcoming olefin projects in North America and Asia
  • Volatility amid feedstock switching: how the co-product supply deficit is filled
  • European petrochemicals landscape in a low crude environment
  • Ethylene and propylene fundamentals and price outlook in the wake of COVID-19

Aromatics and methanol: Reshaping supply routes in a challenging demand environment

  • Convergence of chemicals and road fuels share of crude oil demand
  • Current trends in gasoline blending and the impact of travel restrictions on aromatics
  • Supply length as demand plummets: US capacity build-out versus China self-sufficiency
  • Will growth in PET resin and polyester keep pace with feedstock supply?
  • Global volume trends: is the spot market gaining momentum?

Polymers: US exports heighten global margin pressure

  • Review of polyethylene and polypropylene expansions globally
  • Regional polyethylene and polypropylene demand overview
  • Impact of recycling on polymer demand in the short and longer term
  • The rising flow of US-sourced polyethylene exports

Recycled plastics: Market evolution in the face of fast changing legislation and social pressure

  • How is Europe going to meet its 2025 commitments?
  • Commoditization of global recycled plastics markets – trade flows, standardization, transparency
  • What to do with all the waste: developed countries tackle unwanted waste following export ban