Exchanging value in the biofuels markets

The past year has had a significant impact on the biofuels industry. Demand for transport fuel was decimated due to national lockdowns, and the biofuels markets are in a state of high market volatility. As we begin to emerge into a new world, what does this all mean for the industry?

We are delighted to be returning in 2021 for the S&P Global Platts Biofuels Virtual Conference. Bringing together leading producers, refiners, traders and buyers, we’ll be bringing you leading insights into key market drivers for biofuels in Europe. What are the challenges & risks the markets are currently faced with, and where are the opportunities?

You will gain expert insights on the revision of RED II, national mandates across Europe and their impact on the biofuels markets, supply and demand fundamentals for key and emerging biofuels, including Ethanol, Biodiesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel, current feedstock sourcing issues in light of alternative competing fuels, and where the biofuels industry fits in a carbon zero world.

Event focus areas:

  • • The effects of the global pandemic on supply and demand for biofuels
  •  How will RED II revisions impact biofuels?
  •  Where will the feedstocks be sourced?
  •  How is the rise of SAF, Renewable diesel and alternative competing fuels going to impact the biofuels markets?


S&P Global Platts Biofuels Conference
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Opening sessions
  • 10.00 AM Chair's welcoming remarks
  • 10.10 AM Keynote address: The future of mobility
Setting the scene: global biofuels market fundamentals
  • 10:30 AM Outlook for the global biofuels markets • How have the biofuels markets adapted to challenges over the past 12 months?
    • Supply & demand forecast for conventional & advanced biofuels
    • Market recovery: how is this varying across segments?
    • The rise of the biorefinery: a new era?
    • Increasing mandates across the globe: future predictions for biofuels
    • Forward looking: biofuels place in a low carbon world
Navigating the latest policy initiatives and incentives
  • 11:00 AMKeynote address: An update from the European Commission
  • 11:25 AMNetworking break
  • 11:40 AMPanel discussion: A new chapter for biofuels: how will upcoming legislation impact the markets? • Revision of REDII and FQD: how could this impact the markets? Where are the pinch points?
    • Pan-EU track and trace database
    • Revised standards for EU certification schemes
    • ReFuelEU Aviation and FuelEU Maritime initiatives
    • National blending mandates across Europe
    • The role of conventional, waste-based and advanced biofuels in the EU Green Deal
    • Beyond Europe: Biden’s low carbon climate vision, Indian sugarcane & Ethanol policies, deforestation in Brazil
Feedstocks challenges in Europe
    • 12:20 PMPanel discussion: The great feedstock debate: where to source? • Feedstock sourcing issues during the pandemic
      • Development of new supply chains: UCO imports from China
      • How are current market conditions shaping the feedstocks landscape?
      • Introduction of additional feedstocks to Annex IX of RED II: impact on feedstock markets?
      • Striking the balance between sustainability and profitability
      • Palm oil use in Europe: challenges, alternatives, and outlook: POME and PFADs
      • In light of global mandates and policy initiatives, where are feedstocks going to be sourced to keep up with demand?
      • Innovations in alternative feedstocks: where are the opportunities?
    • 13:00 PMNetworking break
Latest developments in markets & trading & supply chain
  • 13:30 PMAssessing the European Ethanol market • Supply & demand forecast for Ethanol in Europe
    • Beyond Europe: emerging hotspots
    • Regional ethanol mandates: how will this impact the market?
    • Latest feedstock developments
  • 13:55 PMPanel discussion: Sustainable Aviation Fuels• What are the key drivers for SAF?
    • What challenges is the market facing?
    • In light of sustainable aviation pledges, will there be enough supply to meet demand?
    • Blending mandates: what’s on the horizon?
    • How do we see the market developing?
  • 14:35 PMThe European biodiesel and renewable diesel markets • Price drivers and forecast
    • Will the revision to the FQD lead to a rise in biodiesel blends?
    • The rise of renewable diesel: competitive advantages, growth opportunities and challenges
  • 15:00 PMNetworking and Refreshment Break
  • 15:15 PMPanel discussion: Exploring the shifting dynamics in biofuels trade • Supply and demand balance during the pandemic
    • How are imports factored into the supply equation in Europe?
    • UK & EU trade dynamics: challenging market conditions for UK domestic producers
    • The European Palm Oil ban: changing trade dynamics with Indonesia
    • Logistical challenges across the biofuels supply chain
The future of biofuels
  • 15:55 PMPanel discussion: What’s next for biofuels? • What will remain of the gasoline market in 2050?
    • Will the sector help decarbonize the existing vehicle fleet in the short to medium term?
    • Where does the industry fit in a carbon-neutral world?
    • The rise of EV, hybrid vehicles and alternative fuels such as Hydrogen and E-fuels: how will this impact biofuels markets?
  • 16:35 PMEnd of conference & networking time

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We are busy confirming some of the leading figures in the sector. Let us know if wish to contribute to the discussion and share your insights.



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