Shaping a sustainable future in Europe with Biofuels

This timely event provides Biofuels producers, traders and end-users with a comprehensive overview of how the industry can shape a sustainable future with Biofuels by exploring the role and position of Biofuels and Feedstocks in the energy market as well as in energy transition.

As demand for energy snowballs across the globe and environmental concerns rise, the industry observes greater investments in the development of a clean source of energy and takes transformational leaps forward towards novel fuel types forming a fertile foundation for the development of the global biofuels market.

Topics include the implications of the European Fit for 55 Package and RED II, the role and outlook for Biofuels, examining key questions on feedstock availability and quantity, exploring market developments in the market for future fuels such as SAF, Ethanol and Renewable Diesel as well as shifting dynamics in Biofuel’s trade.


Topics covered

• Understanding the role and outlook for Biofuels in the energy market and energy transition
 Examining the implications of global and domestic regulations such as Fit for 55 and RED II on Biofuels
 Answering the big questions surrounding feedstocks in relation to availability and quantity
 Exploring the latest market developments for future fuels such as SAF, Ethanol and renewable diesel
 Assessing the shifting dynamics in Biofuel’s trade and the future of Biofuels


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    Who attends?

    • Biofuels Producers
    • Senior biofuels traders
    • Biofuels buyers
    • Regulators and Governments
    • Leading consultants and advisors
    • Financiers, banks and analysts
    • Global press
    • Industry associations

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Thursday, April 28, 2022
  • 09.00 AM Chair's welcoming remarks
Understanding the role and the position of Biofuels in the market
  • 09.10 AM Keynote Address: Transformation of Energy with Biofuels: Biofuels place in a low carbon world
    • Understanding how Biofuel’s growth fits in with the 2030 and 2050 goals
    • Importance of Biofuels in the roadmap to decarbonisation for road transport, marine fuels, aviation and more
    • Outlining the targets, roadmaps, and long-term ambition in Biofuels
    • How to guarantee sustainable production and effective use of biomass, biofuels
    Sinead Lynch, VP of Low Carbon Fuels, Shell
  • 09.30 AM Outlook for the global biofuels markets
    • What are the main developments and markets to watch for Biofuels in Europe?
    • Supply and demand forecast for Biofuels: A bullish market?
    • What does current policy on Biofuels mean for demand?
    Monika Rajoria, Biofuels Analyst, S&P Global Platts
The big picture: Key regulatory updates for Biofuels in Europe
  • 10.00 AM Panel Discussion: Assessing upcoming legislation for Biofuels and the impact on markets
    • Hear from key member states on how policy is expected to move forward
    • Fit for 55: the overall architecture of an ambitious climate plan by the European Commission
    • How do proposals, including those for RED II and CO2 emission standards, correlate?
    • Creating a level playing field with global and local jurisdictions: Fit for 55, RED II
    • How to certify sustainable feedstocks under legislation
    Jens Gieseke, Shadow Rapporteur, EPP Group in the European Parliament
    Pernille Weiss, Shadow Rapporteur, EPP Group in the European Parliament
    Emannuel Despechlin, Secretary General, EPure
    André Paula Santos, Public Affairs Director, European Biodiesel Board
    Moderated by: Patrícia Luís-Manso, Head of Agriculture and Metals Analytics, S&P Global Platts
  • 10.40 AM Networking break
Answering the big questions: Feedstocks in focus
  • 11:10 AM Interview: Responding to key questions in the industry surrounding feedstocks
    • Considering availability of sustainable feedstocks and how we will get it in mass?
    • Will there be enough feedstocks to cater for all potential end-use markets in the next 10 years under current regulation?
    • What solutions are being proposed and how feasible are these in the long term or their timelines for development?
    • Are we competing with crops or using advanced fuels?
    • A look at 2021 demand for vegetable oils such as rapeseed and soybean oil
  • 11:40 AM Examining feedstock solutions in relation to constraints on environment, access and the contribution it can make
    • Forestry and agriculture
    • Wastes of residues
    • HVO
    Calliope Panoutsou, Consultant, Concawe
    Leonidas Kanonis, Director for Communications and Analysis, EWABA
  • 12.40 PM Lunch
  Examining the latest market developments for future fuels
  • 13:40 PM Use of higher blends in the road sector
    • Increased supply of renewable fuel as “high blends”
    • The role “high blends” will play in decarbonization
  • 14:00 PM Pricing Ethanol
    Karim El Afany, Senior Pricing Specialist-EMEA Grains and Biofuels, S&P Global Platts
  • 14:20 PM Panel discussion: Outlook for Sustainable Aviation Fuels
    • Consider if there are enough waste lipid feedstocks for sustainable aviation fuels
    • Is second generation technology going to start competing with HEFA?
    • Ensuring a level playing field with SAF and other biofuels to enable progression
    • How crop biofuel is restricted in use for aviation and Biodiesel is increasing demand for aviation
    • SAF targets and roadmaps
    Matthew Whitton, Senior Director - Supply Operations Aviation Europe, World Fuel Services
    Steven Le Moing, Head of Low Carbon Fuels Regulation, Airbus
    Caroline Midgley, Director of Biofuels, LMC
  • 15.00 PM Outlook for European Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel markets
    • How fast do see electrification of cars coming up in Europe?
    • What model are we using to measure the pace of adoption of electric cars?
    • Are there enough waste lipid feedstocks for diesel
    Anselm Eisentraut, Head of Market Intelligence Strategy, Neste
    Niels A Anspach, VP Bio and Low Carbon, BP
  • 15.30 PM Networking and Refreshment Break
  • 16.00PM Examining Biofuel solutions for the marine sector
    • How is the bunker industry planning to move forward with the use of biofuels and/or alternative fuels?
    • Explore how sustainability in bunker opens a new market for producers and traders
    • Consider how marine’s way of adopting sustainability fits in with aviation
    • How crop Biofuel is restricted in use for marine
    Emanuele Gallone, Commercial Optimization and Business Development, Uniper
The future of biofuels: Technology and market dynamics
  • 16.20PM Technology update and solutions for Biofuels
    • How is technology supporting the growth of the Biofuels market?
    • Where is technology and how is it changing alongside the energy transition agenda?
    • What is moving and progressing? What countries can electrify?
  • 16.45PM Closing remarks
  • 17.00PM End of conference and networking time

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SpeakerCalliope Panoutsou,
Consultant, Concawe

Dr Calliope Panoutsou is an agricultural engineer and holds a PhD on 'Socioeconomic aspects of bioenergy systems at regional level' from Aston University, UK.

She is an expert in biomass for the biobased economy and her research interests focus on supply, logistics & economics of biomass value chains, market & policy analyses as well as sustainability.

Through her research she has formed a multi-disciplinary background with skills and knowledge in agriculture, energy, environment, economics, social studies and modelling.

She has extensive research and project experience in biomass R&D throughout Europe and has coordinated several EU projects involving multi-disciplinary research. She is also the Chair for biomass supply within the European Biofuels Technology Platform (EBTP)

SpeakersEmannuel Despechlin,
Secretary General, EPure

Emmanuel leads the ePURE team, which he first joined in 2013 as Director of Government Affairs responsible for energy and environmental affairs. Before coming to ePURE, Emmanuel was Senior Manager for Public Affairs with Novozymes. His career in public affairs and advocacy also includes positions with UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, and the Industrial Ethanol Association. He holds a Master's Degree from the Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux and an LL.M in European Law from the University Carlos III of Madrid. A French citizen, Emmanuel also speaks English and Spanish.

Emanuele GalloneEmanuele Gallone,
Commercial Optimization and Business Development, Uniper

Emanuele has 15 years of experience in the energy trading industry gathered across commodities (Oil, LNG, Coal, Power, Gas) and geographies (Italy, UK, Germany, UAE) in various roles, from Financial Risk Management, Project management, Planning and Operation and more recently into Business Development. In his current role, he’s responsible for the Commercial Optimization of Uniper’s Refinery in Fujairah and Storages. He’s also in charge of Business Development for Marine Fuels, including BioFuels, Green Ammonia and Green Methanol projects.

Jens GiesekeJens Gieseke,
Shadow Rapporteur, EPP Group in the European Parliament


Karim El AfanyKarim El Afany,
Senior Pricing Specialist-EMEA Grains and Biofuels, S&P Global Platts

Karim works on the agriculture desk in London covering EMEA biofuels and was previously covering the Black Sea grains market. He worked as an investment analyst and an equity analyst covering Middle East-listed fertilizers and chemical companies. He holds a BA (Combined Hons) in Economics and International Development from the University of Liverpool, and an MSC (Hons) in Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He wrote his Masters’ dissertation on the impact of agricultural liberalization on the Egyptian wheat market and food security.

Leonidas Kanonis Leonidas Kanonis,
Director for Communications and Analysis, EWABA

Leonidas Kanonis is the Director for Communications and Analysis at the European Waste-based & Advanced Biofuels Association (EWABA) since January 2021. Leonidas has acquired extensive experience on the biofuels industry after his stint at Argus Media for 3,5 years, where he became deputy editor for the biofuels desk after covering the market for crop and waste feedstocks as a senior market reporter.

Matthew Whitton Matthew Whitton,
Senior Director - Supply Operations Aviation Europe, World Fuel Services
Niels A Anspach Niels A Anspach
VP Bio and Low Carbon, bp

Niels A Anspach is the Vice President bio & low carbon in Customer & Products - fuel supply & midstream at BP. He is accountable for all bio related performance in Midstream in Europe and the Americas. Ensuring optimised commercial spent of capex into bp’s midstream and refining assets and coordinating all regulatory and advocacy themes to ensure to achieve bp’s aims of decarbonization from a midstream perspective.

Steven Le Moing Steven Le Moing,
Head of Low Carbon Fuels Regulation, Airbus

Steven LE MOING is in charge, within Airbus Environmental Affairs team, of managing Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Airbus. Already dealing with environment and emissions, he started his career in Airbus thirteen years ago addressing aircraft noise in operations.

His actions are now focusing, through the pillar of Alternative Fuels, on fostering industry efforts in coping with internationally endorsed CO2 emissions targets. Steven started his career in Toulouse in 2003 in the aircraft performance domain with an Airbus subcontractor.

Steven was born in Brest in 1972 and graduated from Toulouse University with a PhD in physics.

Andre Paula Santos Andre Paula Santos,
Public Affairs Director, European Biodiesel Board

André is an experienced Brussels lobbyist who has worked in European affairs for a decade. Having represented the EBB since 2016, he works on EU climate and energy, trade and sustainability policies. Before this, André worked for several years as a consultant and public affairs adviser for EU associations, focusing on the challenges facing the energy sector. He is a qualified lawyer who holds a law degree and a master’s degree in administrative law and procurement. Besides his native Portuguese, André speaks fluent English and Spanish, as well as some French.

Anselm Eisentraut Anselm Eisentraut,
Head of Market Intelligence Strategy, Neste


Caroline Midgley Caroline Midgley,
Director of Biofuels, LMC

Caroline Midgley, PhD, is Director of Oleochemicals and Biofuels Research at LMC International, a firm providing economic, marketing, and consulting services for a broad range of industries related to agricultural commodities and their downstream derivatives. Based in Oxford and supported by LMC’s oilseeds, grains, sugar and starch teams, Dr. Midgley is responsible for LMC’s oleochemicals and biofuels research. This work includes investment appraisal projects for new plants, assessing the impact of changes in domestic policies, analysis of agricultural raw material, biomass and by-product markets and an analysis of the impact of technological developments.


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