Join our experienced editorial experts to learn about Platts Price Assessment Methodology across the commodity sectors to better understand:

  • Why are pricing benchmarks so important?

  • How does source market data evolve into a Market-on-Close assessment process?

  • What is the eWindow? How does this tool apply to the price methodology process in the markets that utilize eWindow?

  • How does index methodology work and where do we deploy this methodology?

  • What are the key pricing trends for the physical and derivatives market?

Hosted globally, attending one of these sessions is the perfect opportunity to gain a greater understanding of our benchmarks and how they help improve market transparency and efficiency.


  • Introduction to Platts

  • Overview of Platts Price Assessments Benchmarks

  • Pricing Principles

  • Overview of Platts PricingMethodology & Pricing Processes

  • eWindow tour (in applicable market sessions)

  • Commodity market insights and overview

  • Q&A

Platts Oil Methodology Explained – On Demand

This in-depth online resource is the next best thing to attending one of our dedicated oil Methodology sessions presented by Platts editors who understand the oil markets and assess the prices. Click here to view:


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