Join our experienced commodity pricing experts to learn about Platts Price Assessment Methodologies:

  • What is the purpose of benchmark pricing? How do benchmark prices drive market transparency and efficiency?

  • What is Market on Close?

  • How is source market data collected and used in the assessment process?

  • What is the eWindow? How does this tool apply to the price methodology process in the markets that utilize eWindow?

  • How does index methodology work and where do we deploy this methodology?

  • What are the key pricing trends for the physical and derivatives market?

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  • Introduction to S&P Global Commodity Insights

  • Overview of Platts Price Assessments & Benchmarks

  • Review of Pricing Principles

  • Detailed discussion of Platts Pricing Methodology & Pricing Processes

  • Platts eWindow tour (in applicable market sessions)

  • Platts Commodity Market Insights

  • Q&A

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Platts Methodology Explained – Virtual Session

This in-depth online education session presented by S&P Global Commodity Insights Editors is committed to providing an overview of our price assessment processes and an overview of the dynamics of the specific commodity markets we cover.


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