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Join S&P Global Commodity Insights for our annual Platts Analytics Client Seminar taking place live in New York City.

During this 1.5 day seminar, our leading analysts will provide key market updates, future impacts, updated outlooks and more. Three dedicated streams give you the flexibility to choose breakouts that cover key topics of interest to you and your business. Additionally, there will be plenty of networking opportunities where you can make new contacts and connect with your industry peers.



Roman Kramarchuk
Head of Future Energy Analytics

S&P Global Commodity Insights
Jennifer Van Dinter
Head of Integrated Analytics

S&P Global Commodity Insights


8 AM

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9 AM


9:15 AM

Plenary and Leadership Exchange: A discussion of the near- and medium-term factors impacting the integrated outlook

Rick Joswick, Kang Wu, Shin Kim, Patricia Luis-Manso, Roman Kramarchuk, Jennifer Van Dinter, Ross Wyeno

10:45 AM

Networking Break

11 AM

Breakout Session 1 – pick one of the following

Macro and oil demand outlook

  • Macro environment
  • Global oil demand prospects
  • Role of Asia in the energy and oil demand picture
  • Medium-term considerations with regard to oil and energy demand

Kang Wu, Alan Struth, Naing Oo, Mark Mozur

War in Europe: Medium-term scenarios for Russia and global commodity flows

  • Conflict and sanctions scenarios
  • Future of European gas, power, oil and agriculture flows

Paul Sheldon, Pete Meyer, Bruno Brunetti, Adrian Dorsch

North American policy landscape: landmark legislation, decarbonization, industrial policy, energy security

  • Strong and conflicting signals from Executive, Judicial and Legislative branchers of Government
  • Impacts on key sectors, technologies; end use and upstream
  • Interactions with state, regional, global markets

Roman Kramarchuk, Matt Williams, Matt Andre

12 PM


1:20 PM

Breakout Session 2 – pick one of the following

Global oil supply and geopolitics: What is the state of global oil supply as Russian oil faces sanctions?

  • What is the future of Russia oil supply?
  • What is the future of OPEC+?
  • What can we expect out of non-OPEC?

Shin Kim, Paul Sheldon, Sami Yahya

Feedstock challenges facing the renewable fuel revolution

  • Current projections for feedstock demand and what comes next after 2025
  • Advanced feedstocks; what are they and how much will be available?
  • Outlook for conventional and non-conventional crops as feedstock

Pete Meyer, Patricia Luis-Manso, Nabil Kapasi

Where can clean hydrogen and ammonia expect to play globally, in North America?

  • Long-term Hydrogen cost projections
  • Value proposition of Hydrogen by sector
  • How the Inflation Reduction Act will impact hydrogen deployment in the US

Brian Murphy, Mark Mozur, Dan Klein, Morris Greenberg

2:20 PM

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2:30 PM

Breakout Session 3 – pick one of the following

A look at US production growth in the high oil price environment

  • Activity of private vs public operators
  • Role of inflation and supply chain issues
  • Are new regulations affecting production growth?

Rene Santos, Taylor Cavey, Matt Andre, Kyle Gatton

From storm surge: Global gas and LNG market outlook

  • Persistent risks to Russian supply amid record heat have created an increasingly volatile European gas market
  • Regasification capacity constraints creating massive LNG-to-gas price dislocations, encouraging European demand destruction
  • Mid-term LNG supply response will eventually balance lost Russian gas, but near-term risks remain preeminent

Jack Winters, Ross Wyeno, James Huckstepp

Pathways to power sector decarbonization: US and European perspectives

  • Changing profile of demand given greater electrification
  • Addressing intermittency: storage, hydrogen, flexible demand
  • Baseload and dispatchable clean energy, nuclear, CCUS
  • Similarities/Differences in Regional Pathways

Morris Greenberg, Bruno Brunetti, Wendy Schallom

3:30 PM

Networking Break

3:50 PM

Breakout Session 4 – pick one of the following

Refining and oil products: Dramatic price moves driven by shifting fundamentals

  • Refinery capacity declined then demand recovered. What comes next for refinery utilization and margins?
  • IMO 2020 – has it been hiding in plain sight and will it again drive product spreads and margins?
  • Gasoline and middle distillates juggle yield and price strength while naphtha struggles. Which products will come out on top?

Rick Joswick, Joe Pezzino, Rasool Barouni

Short-term outlook for North American gas and power amidst strong volatility and decade high prices

  • Henry Hub price outlook for the upcoming winter and associated risks
  • Impacts of LNG export capacity buildout and the shifts in regional fundamentals
  • Overview of the challenges of a transitioning power sector – with changing role of coal and ongoing uptake of renewables

Jack Winters, Ross Wyeno, Wendy Schallom, Morris Greenberg

Pathways for hard to decarbonize transport: aviation, marine, commercial trucking

  • Recovering demand trends – despite strong fuel prices
  • Policy initiatives evolving: ICAO/CORSIA, IMO, corporate goals
  • Can speedbumps to alternative fuel uptake (limited feedstock, high costs, immature technologies, fleet turnover) be overcome?

Mark Mozur, Corey Lavinsky, Andy Scorer

5 PM

Networking Reception

7:30 PM

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8 AM

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30 AM

Breakout Session 5 – pick one of the following

The shifting landscape for global oil and product trade flows

  • Impact of the war in Ukraine in global oil and product trade flows
  • North American oil production is ramping up, where will it go?
  • Freight markets outlook as IMO 2020 “symptoms” have resurfaced

Lenny Rodriguez, Lisa Orme, Tony Starkey, Andy Scorer

Biofuels center stage role in transport decarbonization at risk?

  • Outlook for biofuels demand and EV competition
  • US biofuels – is it the end of the RFS world? What this means for biofuels demand?
  • Brazil Renovabio lost in translation and other South America developments

Corey Lavinsky, Patricia Luis-Manso, Beatriz Pupo

Carbon intensity of upstream operations: Today and the future

  • Are companies spending enough to meet ESG targets and risks from asset sales to smaller operators
  • Role of regulations and carbon credits
  • Importance of reducing upstream emissions for wider decarbonization goals

Rene Santos, Manny Corral, Mark Mozur

9:30 AM

Networking Break

9:50 AM

Breakout Session 6 – pick one of the following

NGLs and petrochemical growth story, can the streak continue?

  • A return to NGL supply-driven pricing
  • Shifting global LPG balances due to trade flow disruptions
  • Are we really heading into a trough in the petrochemical cycle?

Jennifer Van Dinter, Dozie Nzeogu, Yi-Jeng Huang

Long-term gas outlook: Can North America continue to satisfy both domestic and global demand?

  • How fast and how much: North American LNG export outlook
  • North American gas demand by sector
  • North American gas supply outlook

Dan Klein, James Crompton, Taylor Cavey, Ross Wyeno

Environmental commodity / carbon markets – Will momentum continue?

  • California WCI carbon diverging fundamentals
  • LCFS awaiting policy direction in California & Canada
  • RGGI Wildcards include politics, wind, and NOx
  • REC trends amidst emerging legislative drivers

Jamie Dorner, Matt Williams, Morris Greenberg, Roman Kramarchuk

10:50 AM

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11:00 AM

Security and decarbonization policy and priorities: Key challenges for integrated long-term outlook

Bruno Brunetti, Dan Klein, Rick Joswick, Shin Kim, Jennifer Van Dinter, Roman Kramarchuk, Patricia Luis-Manso

11:45 AM

End of event

Agenda subject to change